Feedback Thread

I’ll get the ball rolling this time. :wink:

My 2 cents real quick:

The rings were great, glad they made a return, although I didn’t get the chance yet to test collisions and such.

The Destroyer is absolutely fantastic!

Pretty stable for me, no crashes/lag spikes.

There are two quality of life additions that I can think of.

First, it would be great if somewhere we could see all the current missions. More than once we were going to go to a mission location, only to not know exactly where it was or if it was defense/offense. My suggestion would be to add it to the already existing score-board tab somewhere on the side.

Second, we have the ability to mark targets in chat, saying attack or move to etc., but everybody in the vicinity still has to look around and try to find the target mentioned. A quick fix could be adding a hot key to cycle the most recently mentioned targets in chat.


Or target forwarding? Two keys: cycle nearest enemies and cycle nearest friendlies. Friendlies show up their target on your HUD (maybe optional).


Hutch mentioned about having another notification for which system is overcharged besides the icon. How about a different colored light in the cockpit based on the type of overcharge? Overcharge Off - Light Off, Weapon - Red, Engine - Green/Yellow & Shield - Blue/Teal

Textures on the Destroyer are indeed some quality work just like the Cruiser.


Installed the latest patch. Game CTD upon startup; the error message I get indicates that it is a video driver issue, which corresponds to what I’m seeing. I’m attempting a driver update, and if that works I’ll let you know and post the specs in case anyone with similar hardware is seeing the same thing.

The error message I get is as follows:

Display Driver NVIDIA Windows Kernel Driver, Version 337.50 stopped responding and has successfully been recovered.

My specs are:

Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1

Intel Core i7 920 @ 2.67GHz 43 °C
Bloomfield 45nm Technology
24.0GB Triple-Channel DDR3 @ 801MHz (11-11-11-28)
Alienware 0H869M (CPU 1) 30 °C
V22 (1680x1050@60Hz)
2047MB NVIDIA GeForce GT 740 (EVGA) 33 °C
978GB Crucial_CT1050MX300SSD1 ATA Device (SSD) 25 °C
1863GB Seagate Ultra Slim MT USB Device (USB (SATA)) 27 °C
Optical Drives
High Definition Audio Device

Actually, it looks like my CPU might be below the min requirements. It ran the last version with no issues, but the game may be moving beyond my system capacity. Researching that error message indicates that it tends to pop when the video card can’t perform an operation quickly enough. That gives me an idea on something else to try, but we’ll see. If anyone has any suggestions (Other than a newer system :stuck_out_tongue: ) I’m all ears.

All my other stuff still works fine with the driver update- it’s definitely something between Infinity and my system.

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What detail level (high, medium, low, etc) are you running the game at? The VRAM usage for the game has been steadily increasing as art assets get completed and it’s currently quite high. You’re running Windows 7, which has a less sophisticated GPU driver model than Windows 10, and my guess is I:B is blowing out your VRAM thereby causing the driver to crash. We plan on aggressively tackling the VRAM issue at some point but it may not be for a few months. In the meantime your best option is to try the lowest detail setting and if that still doesn’t work then you may need to upgrade your GPU.

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Didnt get much time to play this weekend, im glad to have the rings back and the dessie textures are nice, somehow though i miss the white armor plating with black details from the untextured took, that scheme might make a extra skin option.

Wanted to note that the randomness in the sun distance really causes extreme unpleasant matches some times where the lighting just looks bugged out and broken. It’s probably worth clamping the distance to something reasonable.


After trying the game in its current state a couple of times recently, I really look forward to playing during the next event. It feels like a game now and the mechanics of everything just work much better. The only major thing that still takes a bit away from the fun for me is the lighting/hdr or whatever it is called (it often looks too dark on my screen, especially when looking towards the sun). It looks realistic but I wish it was more “game friendly”.


Perhaps by making the changes more instantaneous or lowering the effect intensity?

I was in a critical battle earlier, there was only my destroyer and a couple interceptors from both teams with 80% victory odds, I had to chase an interceptor to finally win, it could have been won sooner IMO.

Old issue, I keep getting this:
There is no conflict because these events are in distinct control schemes.

Together with @Nova95 we found out that using rotational assist off in Target control mode does not utilise the full rotational thruster power possible.

Using Direct mode there is no problem.

Result is that rotational acceleration is much slower when using target mode over direct mode with rotational assist off and on top of it also slower then target mode with rotational assist on (until it reaches the rotation speed limit).

I would like to add that I would really really like to see a “ring” area around the target mode that, when moving the cursor to these extremes, disables the rotational speed limit and fires the thrusters fully for maximum rotational acceleration. I suggested that in the past and I think it would elevate target mode in its capabilities.

Also using “reset view” in capital mode only moves the view very slightly towards the center and then stops instead of fully returning like in freelook.


Tested it to day and I can confirm. There was a bug. Fix available in next patch.

I still believe disabling rotational assist is close to unplayable. I’m not sure how you guys are using it. Maybe it’s easier with a joystick, as I only tried K&M. On K&M I very quickly lose sight of in which direction I’m turning, and it’s not obvious which movements I need to do to compensate.

Should I add back some form of safety rotational speed limit, maybe higher than with assist mode on, so that at least you won’t get sent spinning like a madman ? The only problem there is that there wouldn’t be that much difference in the FA on/off behavior anymore.

I think I’m going to say “no” to that, in the fire of action you’d trigger that all the time which would make the fights confusing and frustrating. In addition, the game does not need a higher skill cap at the moment. It needs a lower learning curve. Beginners already have trouble with the flight model, have difficulties with momentum and all the different control schemes, modes and toggles. If anything we need to simplify stuff.


Hauler flight path persisting beyond destruction of the destination. It might disappear after a while unless Myron-1 never had any.


Argo: Thanks for reporting, should be fixed in next patch.


I think off modes should be as unrestricted as possible as that is their purpose. I only user rotational assist on some occasions though. Adding a speed limit would kind of remove the purpose of Rotational Assist off, especially using a mouse in Target mode there would be no difference. I think some games allow you to change the limit in “Target Mode”.

Different people use Rotational Assist off for different reasons. @Nova95 stated that he find it better to track targets
I would like them to voice their opinion here.

Thanks for the definitive answer. I really appreciate that and agree with the reasoning. Looking forward to having new people get it faster, would really like a more broader appeal too. #implementplayers

I should do some test and see what the actual time difference is for full 180 degree turn.

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Disagreeing with lomsor here, i think having a relevant rot speed limit makes for deeper gameplay as it creates minimum range where the “mode of combat” changes over from a speed that can keep up with movements to a speed that cant. This creates situations where it becomes more important to focus on good strafe control and prediction, for example if i am dogfighting a bomber in an interceptor, i cant get close and outrun the turning speed for a kill, they can just keep turning with the death-shotguns at point blank and the interceptor loses it’s anti-bomber role.