Windows Defender detects prototype as malware

Just as soon as the installer finished, Windows Defender notified me that it detected malware - specifically ‘Trojan:Win32/Gatrid.E!plock’ - that it wanted to remove immediately. I didn’t remove it immediately, but I did uninstall it just to be safe. Has anyone else ran into this? I’m running Windows 10 64-bit and tried installing it on my boot drive.

More detail:
file:C:\ProgramData\Package Cache{52cda4e6-512b-4e46-b8d1-ec3a5f7cc37c}\InfinityBattlescape.exe

How did you uninstall it?

Some malware is known to inject itself into other executable files, that might be the case here.

Microsoft Essentials and MalwareBytes are negative, so I think it’s a false positive.

Just the usual control panel uninstaller. Defender isn’t detecting anything else now.

I’m on windows 10 64-bit as well and ran windows defender and it didn’t detect anything

my guess is that this is a false positive if it’s a legitimate copy of the game.

this is the problem with rules/signatures for malware detection. if malware is detected, its because a packet is sent with 8 bytes that it recognizes from X malware campaign, it can false flag a lot.

I re downloaded and reinstalled and it didn’t detect anything, and it is working now.