Will this be PVP only?

The official response is that, as has already been mentioned, I:B will primarily be PvP. A minor PvE component is planned for combat against factories, land bases, and stations as well as their defenses and the transport ships of the opposing teams carrying resources. While we understand I:B won’t be for everyone we do hope to be able to provide more ambitious experiences in the future and we certainly appreciate you taking the time to ask!


That’s about the equivalent of capturing objectives on a Battlefield map while you are alone on a server, it’s sad to call that engaging gameplay. :confused:

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Depends how difficult it is! We can’t make judgements on gameplay until we actually get some into the dev version of the game and start working on it :slight_smile:

Tetris is tetris, no matter how difficult it is…

Keith i neither am PVP player but will play it anyway, i supported it cos of great look and awesome mehanics, just those entries in atmosphere and sights are worth money i invested in game.
I believe many space enthusiasts will buy it only cos of that, and since no other game today can grant us those features that look good as I:BS.
After release success and money income i hope that you plan keep it evolve trought dlc’s and expansions and grant us some modding tools, NPC ships, solo player content, legs with fps and some kind of mission editor. Of course all in given time.
Idea of creating star system sandbox with such great look, details and all features i mention is unique and every gamer dream.
Arma series are good example and it turned Bohemia Interactive into AAA studio even with old engine.
And your engine is made to be able to support all this features (as Flavien said).
I know it is too early to talk about these things but please don’t waste that potential when you succeed!

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In BF objectives aren’t guarded by automated defences and they’re always in the same place.
I agree it’s not much but, as has been said, I:B is not supposed to have engaging single player gameplay.

Hopefully I:B servers will support hundreds of players so there’ll be less servers per region than a typical FPS, and so less chance of being alone on a server for more than a few minutes.

That’s precisely the gambling point, it could turn out that the server is empty 90% of the time, hence the need to offer players solid PvE content.

If one’s favourite server is empty in Arma or Battlefield, one simply tries a different server or does something else and tries again later.

With the player base more concentrated on fewer servers, the probability of any one server being empty is reduced.
If I:B’s servers are empty during peak times then the game has bigger problems.

ARMA sold ~3mil copies on Steam.


Bigger problems that won’t be solved by adding single player PvE gameplay. Don’t you agree?

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The idea behind including some solid PvE content is to extend the time a player will stay on the server waiting for others to arrive, you should read the thread that @crayfish linked.


Thank you so much for your support, it really means a lot to us, and this is exactly what we’re hoping to do with the game after we release it =).


Any teasers on what the first DLC will be?

No not yet. Initially we’ll likely be focused on adding mod support and anything we had to cut from the game to ship it within a reasonable timeframe to retail. The content of the first DLC will probably be driven by player feedback regarding the retail game.


That is reasonable, using reviews and feedback and try to attract majority of gaming community so game gets funded enough so rest of the goals can be achieved.
It would be good to mention (not promise) in game overview that game could in future support PVE(npc ships…etc) if shown as succes so players like OP can keep an eye on the game even if they are not PvP players.


COOP mode!

Sounds excellent.

Hats. But, for spaceships.


If not at launch, then maybe for first DLC soon after - ‘star wars style bespin’ cloud mining stations floating in the volumetric cloud layers of a gas giant or two :slight_smile: and volumetric clouds for other planets/moons etc. Interactive volumetric’s?


Saw this in my feed just after reading that…

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