Will any of the rewards be available to TQFE?

I want to know if some of the rewards will be also applied to the quest for earth? For example the access to dev forums? or access to early builds?

Thanks !

Who said TQFE is being kickstarted?

I think that would be against Kickstarter policy for one, and second TQFE is a vision far, far into the future.


TQFE is not a consideration for this Kickstarter. If Battlescape is successful enough to let programming under the iNovae engine to become a full time job for the Devs, it may be a future project years from now.

Both @Jet_Fission and @Red_Syns are correct. We aren’t able to comment on our plans for TQFE at this point other than to say we consider I:B a stepping stone to the larger MMO and we hope we have the resources to build it at some point.