Where is the reddit AMA?

A big thing to get these successful is to have a reddit IAMA that hopefully reaches /r/all.

Is there one scheduled for the last week of the Kickstarter duration or something?

Looks like it’s on track to just barely finish around 300k-400k right now and really needs something to kick it up. I’ve tried sharing it around, but it’s getting very little media and reddit attention.

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I’d reccomend putting it on r/pcgaming rather than any of the other subs like gaming or games. Pcgaming you are more likely to reach a target audience and get voted highly. Also, you dont have to worry about the mods there, whereas the others are known to have very poor staff.


I just made another post in r/gaming that is going really well: https://www.reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/3q5frd/years_in_the_making_i_got_a_space_boner_seeing/

(lets keep it light on the evangelism please ;))


Damn. On it’s way to a thousand points!

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There was a similar one that didn’t take off. Title and timing accounts for a ton.


It just blew past 1000 as if 1000 wasn’t even standing there.


looks like it’s passed 2600 now


An AMA is still a bigger deal, though. They are promotional by nature.

less than 10 minutes later we’re past 2800 :smile:


Concur with all, you guys need to set up an AMA pronto… we’ll promote it of course…


I sent a request to the mods of /r/gaming asking how we could go about doing an AMA. Does anybody have any idea of how kick off an AMA?


These links give a brief overview:


But it looks like it’s mostly self-hosted, as in you create the initial post. But you should probably contact a moderator on gaming and either ask for permission or advice etc

EDIT: looks like you already contacted a mod… I would start drafting your post - the title is ESSENTIAL. make it quippy…

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You could also try doing one AMA now if /r/IAMA can schedule one ASAP on /r/gaming if the mods say it’s okay, and doing another one later for the last push.

To all of us reddit ignoramuses, who should they send a message to? can you provide a link?

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Check the “Sidebar” on each subreddit, which is to the left side. That tends to have the rules and guidelines for each subreddit.


Please check out our
Rules and FAQs

Click here to request being added to our calendar.
AMAs are scheduled in Eastern Daylight Time (GMT-4:00).[/quote]

You TARS (and the word boner) likely brought thousands of $ for the cause! Well done sir! ,o7


Space Boner, to be precise.


Yep. There is a lot about the timing and the way you title something to make it work there.

The same album was posted yesterday but this one was at a much better time and with a much better title.


I’m really confused by this “Submit AMA” screen. Is this submission for right now or is it something that I can schedule for the future? I’m not going to have time to do an AMA until next weekend…

The mod of /r/gaming said I should submit the AMA to /r/iama