What Camera Controls will be available?

What kind of camera controls will be available? I enjoy creating machinima in addition to the main games I play and find it a great way to interest people in the game, and create depth to the universe. Will there be any way to meet friends/teammates in the sandbox mode to allow one person to be the camera operator and others to interact in combat, etc?

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I think it’s too soon to talk about it but as far as i know you’ll be able to create your own servers and do whatever you want, including disabling the cockpit and UI for recording in a LAN game. But it is too soon to talk about anything concrete.


At the very least we’ll support various first person and 3rd person camera views. The full extent of camera views will ultimately be determined by play testing as @frag971 suggested.


Will trackir and oculus be surported?

I’d hope that 3rd person is available, especially for larger ships.

Not having a nice easy way to look at your own ship and look around in space really hinders my situational awareness in Elite Dangerous. It’s also kind of silly not to let players admire their own ship when part of your business model revolves around selling premium ship skins.

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[quote=“Jafit, post:5, topic:1161”]
Not having a nice easy way to look at your own ship and look around in space really hinders my situational awareness in Elite Dangerous.[/quote]

In my book, that’s a feature for Infinity:Battlescape. I don’t want players being able to see everything all the time. I want ships that are designed to have greater or lesser visibility according to their roles. That means that players will want other ships (or crew) around that can help them with situational awareness. Don’t empower individual players too much in a multiplayer game or you get lots of people soloing.

Recently I saw mention of the idea of making third person views only possible when there is no hint of aggression in the area. So if I turn on my weapon systems (or any other system that the game deems appropriate to first person gaming), I’m switched back to first person view. Sightseeing time is over.

Because obessive types would keep cycling weapons on and off so that they could use the invaluable aid of the third person swing camera, it could also be done such that if a shot is fired in my vicinity, then I’m again back to first person view.

This would mean that so long as everything is peaceful and quiet in your neck of the woods, you can do the third person swing camera view and catch the light of the star glinting off your armor. But when the fighting starts, it’s time to button up and deal with the realities of your limited visibility cockpit.

Note that there may be a class of ship - such as a fighter - where the swing camera is always available. This would be a statement that the pilot has gear that lets him virtually see right through his ship. At some later time, the game could be updated to actually show the ship as transparent from inside the cockpit. In such a mode, the view controls would be such that the player could turn their pilot’s head left and right, but not continuously spin 360 degrees.

Your wish should be fulfilled. From the Kickstarter page:

“Capital ships are the backbone of a fleet and will be controlled in the 3rd person, providing a unique perspective of the unfolding battle. Individual weapons can independently target or be focused on a single enemy depending on field of view. There are three types of capital ship within Battlescape, each filling a specialized role.”

Solo play should be possible in a multiplayer game. You don’t have to impose arbitrary handicaps on players just to encourage cooperation.

Plus even in games like Eve where the game interface presents all the information you could possibly need, processing that information, being situationally aware, and responding to new information in the best way is still a significant player skill, and different people are better at it.

Communication will be an important skill, but have you ever tried explaining the location of a target or a threat in relation to your vehicle to another person? I have and its not that easy, I can’t imagine trying to do it in space.

So I think your idea sounds frustrating and completely unnecessary.

Yeah, in war thunder ground forces, in order to look behind you with a camera pan you basically are sacrificing your ability to look forward for a few seconds, so you have to stop if you’re in a city or anything like that. In the air forces version, you can’t maneuver easily and see what’s in front of you. There’s also a rear gunner mode that allows you to manually use the rear guns on bombers. Again, you can’t maneuver easily. If you don’t have a joystick you can’t move at all, because orbiting the camera uses C+mouse, and flying also uses the mouse. If you have a joystick, you still can’t see in front of you.