Weekly Update #70


I’ll quickly jump in this thread to emphasize that “stun” or “crowd-control” actions have always existed, even in fast-action games.
If you ever play any MOBA, you’ll see that those 2 seconds slow / stun are seemingly endless in your eyes :wink:

I’m not against a heavy gameplay balance approche for such a powerful tool as an EMP. If the EMP originates from the ship, dropping its own shield is perhaps a good compromise.
Besides, let’s not forget that EMP blast hits everyone, your allies included. This is already a very potent counter-balance by itself :slight_smile:

As for the UI twitch when hit by an EMP, that’s fine by me. Deus Ex have made nice UI effects for that kind of action.
So we may consider 2 different outcomes for a EMP discharge: either drain a shield’s portion of ships within range, or if that ship has already no shield, make it “stunned” for a few seconds.

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Another idea to play with is the reduction of the resolution of the sensors when hit with an EMP.

This would affect the ability to tell ships apart at long ranges, drastically decrease accuracy for missiles relying on ship sensors, etc.

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Ill just throw this one in the mix from space game.
In Freespace 2, certain mission you have flown in ionized nebulae.
Visual effect was similar …less cool :slight_smile: but hey… at the time.
Systems affected were just sensors - constantly switching targets.
Could be funny if it would add some weapon switching or landing gear deployment(in case of IB).

…also does anyone remember old Slipstream 5000 ?
And those annoying control reversing pic-ups ?


great old school game and clockwork gameplay :slight_smile:


Yes it reminds me, game in game. Or when you tweak settings you feel like computer master

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This is how we feel about it as well. We will try to make as much customizable as we can.