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Thanks for the reassurance. :slight_smile:

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A priority, yes. But not to the detriment of mouse and keybard. Those are a priority, too - after all this is a PC game. Every Console -> PC port that forgot to or did not care to change gamepad centered controls towards mouse and keyboard centered controls has suffered from it.

Making mouse controls less good than they could be because of some percieved or real advantage of mouse over other input methods is very problematic and should never be done, IMHO.


I disagree for the same reasons as Wargrim. However, gamepads/joysticks are currently supported (if a bit fiddly to set up) and will suit the game quite well - pending the new control scheme of course.

But there’s no reason to worry anyway, mouse and keyboard controls work perfectly well at the moment and are great fun in fact! For a PC game, this will always be the main concern.


I find it fascinating that people are keen to move away from aeroplanes in space but still want to use aeroplane control systems.

Imagine instead of Star Wars, the last 40 years of sci-fi had been dominated by Treasure Planet and other sailing-boat in space imagery. I-Novae come along and say they’re going to make a spaceship game and it’s not going to have sailing-boats in space! Everyone cheers but some people want the control scheme to be designed around using steering wheels to control the ships.


Racing Steering Wheels are just analog inputs. Why shouldn’t they be supported?


Given that Battlescape’s spaceships are designed like airplanes, it’s not that surprising. Primary thrust in the back; limited, forward facing views; fixed, forward firing weapons. It’s an awful design for a combat platform in space, but airplanes are the way people think about spaceships. All thanks to George Lucas duplicating WWII combat scenes.

As for seeming anachronisms, the first cars were steered with tillers - a norm for boating enthusiasts. Alexander Graham Bell wanted people to green each other on the phone using “ahoy” instead of “hello” - another nautical tie. “Fighting the last war” is a timeless military phenomenon.

People stick to what works until it doesn’t. As an input device, joysticks still work.

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Keep in mind that the design of SFC is intentionally rooted in 80’s industrial Sci-Fi which of course includes Star Wars. That being said if we were being 100% true to a plausible futuristic scenario many things would be different including the fact that humans are piloting these spacecraft and that we allow you to go beyond the speed of light atm :stuck_out_tongue: .


They are already supported - any input device can be mapped into the game. The issue is what the game does with those inputs.

You omitted the main and hugely significant differentiator; rapid rotational acceleration. - The control of which is basically the focus of this whole discussion.
When you can rapidly rotate your craft to point in any direction, having primary thrust ‘in the back’ makes sense with current technology. If we invent some massless thrust technology then that would change.
The other points you mentioned are valid but IMO insignificant compared to the rapid rotational acceleration.

If you were adhering to Star Wars’ aeroplanes in space flight model, then replicating the control scheme would make sense. My point is that dropping one but maintaining the other makes no sense.

Just to be clear I’ll reiterate that I’m not against joysticks. I have one and use it where appropriate. I’m just against the game reducing all inputs to the lowest common denominator.

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intercept and match velocity are already in game.

A.I. auto-pilot, that can follow a target, as well as evade attacks, while the player does the shooting.
(Big Ships missiles and turrets).

Or A.I. shoots and player pilots. (Interceptor and bomber).

I know, I know, no time, no budget.

Maybe as an npc stretch goal, after :point_right:clouds :point_left:, that is.


Don’t worry, someone is already making that game and even in its current, one-person, still incomplete state, it’s awesome :slight_smile:

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Rapid rotation doesn’t afford much when the pilot needs to make a large velocity change. He’s obliged to point his ship - and his weapons - in a certain direction. It’s a terrible construct for a spaceship.

As for ‘current technology’, that could have been changed with a thought - before they committed resources to the artwork. And they’re already using some kind of ‘massless thrust technology’ because the thrusters never run out of fuel and they have no effect on the environment. They should be blasting holes in everything. Hollywood has had a terrible influence on the way people think about this stuff.

The one saving grace about the rocket arrangement is that everyone is similarly kitted. If the aliens show up with proper spaceships, we’re all dead.

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Assuming, of course, that ‘massless thrust technology’ actually can exist in the first place. :wink: