Weekly Update #64

It is actually standard practice for game design companies to make renders of assets under development with third party render engines.

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Now, now. Be nice. We’re supposed to be a welcoming community, remember. Not one that stomps on people for any tiny perceived infraction.

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not quite exactly what that was,

but still, I apologise for my stern, aggetated response.


There are many standard practices that are completely inappropriate, both inside and outside of the gaming industry.

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i don’t know about gaming standards.
I just guess that these assets are modeled / textured in Modo (or sth. else), and since these are WIPs they are not yet exported to the IB engine at that time? So instead of seeing nothing, we see a rendering from the program that is currently used for creating the assets… like a “better” screenshot… Maybe i’m wrong though…
but yeah, i think it wouldn’t hurt to know when images are rendered with 3rd party renderers, so one doesn’t get a wrong impression…
for example for the latest ships turntables it actually was stated that these were rendered with Vray, so people wouldn’t think that this was ingame graphics…


Assets, content, models are made, modelled in third party software like 3dsmax, maya, modo, etc before integration into any game engine.

Rendering these assets and showing and evaluating the design/texturing direction before integration into any game engine is how it’s done.

Whether you do it with the integrated renderer in Modo, with a plugin renderer like Octane Render or Vray or Mental Ray, It’s part of the visualisation and development stage of games and everything else.

There is nothing inappropriate taking place here.

It is how it is done in any industry where there is a design process.

Car manufacturers do it.

Architects do it.

Fashion designers do it.

Yacht designers do it.

Elon Musk does it

Explain to me and everyone else in the world how these practices are “completely inappropriate”


They have mentioned before that they also take screenshots in their [not ingame] editor and third party tools in previous updates, so this is not a new thing, they just havent explicitly mentioned it in this update. The quality difference is also not big enough to make a fuss about it imo. The ingame ships with ambient occlusion, that are now part of the pre-alpha, look much better than some editor shots we had before for example. :slight_smile:


This is exactly why we show pre-rendered screen shots. The meshes and materials haven’t been imported into the engine yet which, particularly in the case of materials, does take a decent chunk of time.


You can render things using whatever software you feel like using really. It’s part of the developers testing the looks of assets and saves time. Renders always look slightly different to gameplay, even if it’s in the same engine, but these days you can get close enough to do the job and show cool designs!

These are all cool, btw. Officially.

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Damage visual system


And I apologise for back seat moderation. It’s not my place.

It’s a real shame you couldn’t figure out VulkanAPI, given the success many other developers are having with it. It is new but offers a broader scope of benefits to customers. I’m sure MS will pay you well for using DX12, enjoy and the 40% of playerbase who can use it…

I’ll buy this game if it hits Linux OR has Vulkan support. Good luck non the less.

I’m not sure how you reached the conclusion that I couldn’t figure it out. I stated that the engine does have Vulkan support but we can’t use it because its shader compiler toolchain is too immature and does not produce the correct results. Someday that’ll hopefully change but certainly not anytime soon.


And I’d like to think most people here would agree that whilst bigger and better funded companies have the time and resources to build their own toolchain support for Vulkan, Inovae’s time is better spent on the actual game for now


Some of these ppl should go work for Star Citizen, they have great aptitude for requesting scope creep and delays which are not necessary to making the actual game…

What people? Are you saying people shouldn’t have opinions now? What scope creep? I don’t think asking if it’ll run well on modern machines constitutes scope creep

Ahh yes, most people do :wink: It takes a lot of effort to keep a team focused and on track, especially as a project progresses.

I regularly imagine the different things we could include, or features to explore, but it’s important to file those away and regularly remind oneself of the scope of the current project.

It’s ok to imagine new features, so long as expectations are given regular checks with reality :wink:


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