Weekly Update #62

Hey everyone it’s time for your weekly update. On the engineering side we’ve ported the camera system to the new networking code and added support for the name pools that will be used to choose names for NPC ships, space stations, and land bases. For those of you who pledged reward tiers that allow you to submit a name we’ll probably end up creating a custom page on our website where you can submit your name(s). Aside from that Flavien is still working through some stuff with his new apartment and I had another week where I was heavily focused on administrative tasks.

Pre-rendered shot of the land base command center

On the art side we have some new videos for your viewing pleasure! They are simple turntable animations showing off the geometric detail we’ve put into our smaller ships:




In parallel to creating these videos Kristian is continuing his work on the land base final geometry pass and Jan is still focused on station materials. That’s all for this week, until next time!


Sick … :open_mouth:


Good luck everyone i mean buckers and producers.

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Keep up the good work, and hopefully you’ll be able to make some more fun stuff than administrative thingies ^^

Models look nice :slight_smile:

I don’t know where the music is from but I assume that’s a clip from a larger piece. Can I suggest that when releasing multiple videos like this, using a different clip from the same piece for each video would be a good idea?

If the music is a constant background drone (eg 0:08 - 0:18) then it’s less of an issue. However, with distinctive bits (eg 0:18 to 0:26) then it becomes jarring when listening to the same thing 3 times.

Obviously that’s just a minor thing. Not a complaint!

Very cool. :dark_sunglasses: :thumbsup:

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Yeah it’s a piece of a larger track created by Kristian.


Awesome, atmospheric sounding piece, very curious for more.

Also, the detail on that Corvette, and everything else, just perfect.


Love the models and the music too. Very Vangelis-Blade-Runner-esque.

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I’m curious as to what you plan to do with the middle indentation about halfway between the top middle turret and the nose of the corvette. It looks like something is supposed to go there. Maybe missile batteries?

But then the middle turret wouldn’t be able to fire forwards…

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True that, but it might be a trade off from the loads of missiles you can fire. :wink:

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Out of all the space games I play…These are my favorite ship models!:slight_smile: Keep up the great work!


These models just look amazing! thanks for the turntables :slight_smile:
i have to say i’m really happy with the overall style you have chosen…
-> i really need to buy into alpha… next alpha weekend will be mine…!!


alright well done folks

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Can we get orthogonal projections and a view of the ships next to each other? :grin: