Weekly Update #56


The ground bases will at least need some checking for common sense issues. For example, the shape of the crater which is home to Aresthia’s factory (the desert planet) means that some of the buildings are at weird elevations! Some appear slightly floating and there are pipes that should disappear into the ground but just stop in mid-air instead! A bit of fine tuning may be in order to check the placement of modules. :slight_smile:


Meh, this is nitpicking in my opinion.
True, what you’re describing @Sab1e doesn’t look very good for a finished product… Then again, this is not a finished product :slight_smile:

For the moment, the base can be mostly located on flat terrain so that those small problems are hidden under the carpet.

What’s important now is to get all the prerequesites for a correct / smooth playing done, then get on the gameplay. The polishing will be done later.

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Oh yeah, placeholder models were not elevated per module and they had no root extensions either. Military bases will be handled in same fashion as ground factories (there’s some tolerance for terrain slopes):