Weekly Update #39


I really hate that banks have butchered the card names to confuse a true debit card with debit cards that have Visa or MasterCard abilities. Not to mention the ubiquitous use of online transactions that should make cards like that redundant.

@Sense One option I’ve seen floating around are prepaid cards (with names like Load & Go etc usually associated with travel) that you can load up with funds in order to make online purchases. This might be a good compromise for transactions that you don’t make often.

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As for online using.

“Flat” debit cards (like: Visa Electron, Maestro), that got literally flat characters on it (digits from card number, letters from card owner’s name) will not allow to make any online transactions.
Cads with convex (I’m not sure about this word :P) characters issued by Visa or MasterCard (I don’t know how it looks like the other companies), will more likely allow it’s owner to make any online transactions. “Convex” cards should have microchip built in them. Generally they look like credit cad…

“Flat” debit cards are still in use in Poland (rather rare), so they might be in use in other countries as well.
Most common debit card presently issued in Poland is “convex”.

Did PayPal provide you with a local bank account number to transfer funds (like you would make an ordinary transfer) from your normal account to your PayPal account?
In my case PayPal gave me an account number in a bank in which they have their normal account, and special id to paste in transfer title.


I just had to purchase a credit card for booking some flights ( didn’t want to hassle with prepaid cards etc., so my bank gave me a “proper” credit card for 30€ p.a. … now you know why paypal is a thing…) but first thing i did to try out the card: get alpha access for battlescape :wink: So…, i’m ready for the weekend now! :smiley:


We greatly appreciate your support and we’re looking forward to seeing you in-game during our next Alpha weekend!