Weekly Update #37

Another week another update. We released a patch for the installation runtime this week that fixed the last remaining issues we’re currently aware of. The corvette cockpit has been completed, the final geometry pass for large station pieces is nearly complete, and work is progressing on final geometry for both the corvette and interceptor exteriors.

Blue atmosphere from orbit

On the engineering side we continue to make good progress on the network interpolation. Hopefully it’ll be wrapped up within a couple of weeks so work can begin on small ship weapons. We also started laying some of the low level groundwork for our new UI system that will be used to build our HUD and menu system. If you haven’t seen the mockups yet checkout last weeks update.

The view from the thin atmosphere around a tall mountain

Next month will be a little extra hectic because somehow everyone in the company has a lease that’s expiring and we’re all moving into cheaper apartments - except Kristian because his lease expired last month lol. Back in weekly update #30 we announced that the Alpha release would be delayed until early 2017. We’re currently planning on offering a free weekend to play the game for all Alpha backers to make up for it. The exact date hasn’t been nailed down yet, probably after we’re finished with the networking fixes, but we’ll let everyone know soon. That’s about it for this week!


Any word on the pledge account system? More testing/legal loose ends?


I didn’t get much done on it this week as I ended up working on other things for various reasons. The only remaining pieces are for handling chargebacks and refunds. I’ve written about half of the code needed for CC/BTC chargebacks, which will be released before the PayPal stuff is finished because PayPal is a freakin nightmare, but I need to finish up the rest, do a whole bunch of testing, and get our ToS cleared by legal. Probably going to be at least 2 weeks before all of that is finished.


Thanks for clarifying :slight_smile: I know you guys are flat out with higher priority stuff right now so good luck with it :+1:

It’s actually one of our highest priority items however it’s also fairly complicated, extremely sensitive code while simultaneously being mind-numbingly boring. It’s one of those things that I both can’t wait to finish and dread working on because it makes me want to fall asleep/kill myself. It’ll get done. I just need a few days with some solid blocks of time to complete it.


LMAO. I mainly meant having a roof over your head but I can see how soul-crushing that kind of coding would be :stuck_out_tongue:


You can do it Keith! Hang in there!
/Sab1e waves motivational banner


I guess drinking and coding don’t mix…:beer::yum::+1:

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That’s often the case but not always…


beautiful pictures, congratulations.

I am very inactive these days but I just felt compelled to say how good the updates have been. I think you’re both (@INovaeKeith & @INovaeFlavien) doing a great job of keeping the world updated on your progress.

My GFX card died a few months ago and I haven’t replaced it yet. As soon as I decide what to replace it with, I’ll be getting in-game for the first time - Really looking forward to it!


So no chance that the Interceptor design will be improved?
I still feel it to be too squat and heavy-looking to really evoke the visuals needed for a fast, deadly Interceptor…

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Some go-faster stripes, maybe? :wink:


No horizontal bar in line of sight, maybe?


The exterior of the interceptor is still undergoing quite a bit of work. It will be a bit more streamlined but the full extent of which is up to Kristian.


Great to hear! I am very curious to see how it will evolve.