Weekly Update #28

That seems a bit harsh. They should at least do as much damage than colliding the ground - somewhat less, probably. Also, without having the camera going much below the waterline (where there could be solid colour instead of underwater stuff), some slight buoyancy would be nice (think oceans of mercury from KSP).

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Funding does seem to have stalled a little if you look at the funding page.

I think as Keith said last week, once the funding shifts to the I:B website and some more game play updates are released a little later this year, then a funding drive would be a good idea for a week or three.

Some youtubers like Bluedrake42 and Scott Manley reviewing the current development build (maybe). I still stay in contact with Dave Haddock (lead SC writer) who is a direct conduit to Chris Roberts. And we might be able to contact Wingman (Eric Peterson) again.

And also give Angry Joe a tweet or nudge to mention I:B again to his forum members and fans (as he did back the KS) he should be open to contact about the game.

I’m doing as much as I can to spread the I:B word. What will be good though, is if maybe you guys can suggest some other game/scif space game forums I could start a I:B thread on, with high traffic ?

Well, the gaming forum on http://www.spacebattles.com would be a good place to start…

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An intersting idea suggested on the ED forum here.

A free-fly weekend or week.

I think this would be something worth looking into next year around summer time onwards? when we have a lot more gameplay and other systems and assets further along in development.


Yeah that sounds like more of a post-Beta, possibly post-retail type thing.


This could be good for drumming up interest just before the game launch. Maybe one free-fly weekend each side of launch week. With well know youtubers spread across each weekend live streaming with the devs.

No week its stupid give llimited time like in steam refund for all users who registered not repeat alien technology promotion be unicque like hutchings

Hutchings is indeed unique…

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