Weekly Update #26


Hey everybody it’s time for another weekly update. Over the last week we’ve primarily been fixing bugs that have popped up since the release of the last patch. There is an ongoing issue with our game server regularly crashing, which seems to be caused by our overhaul of physics, as well as some issues with the new patching system and launcher. We expect most of these to be sorted out soon. Aside from that Flavien has started working on the improvements we need to make to our networking code and I have started building our pledge upgrade platform along with some additional website improvements. Those of you who are regulars on our forums have probably noticed that we also upgraded our forums software to the latest version.

WIP texturing the bomber cockpit

On the art side we’re happy to announce that texturing the interceptor cockpit has been more or less completed. There’s some polish that will need to be added later on once we have time to address some graphics improvements. We also need to spend more time defining the functionality of the cockpits such as what gets rendered on the multi-function displays. In the meantime work has moved onto the bomber cockpit which as you can see is coming along nicely.

Another shot of the WIP bomber cockpit

There’s also a lot of work going on with station geometry and the NPC hauler. We hope to have some new screen shots within a couple of weeks. Along with numerous bug fixes our next patch, which is probably at least another week away from release, should include the land base placeholders and the new cockpits.


Thanks so much for all of the hard work you guys are doing! The progress is awesome, and having these regular updates is amazing! :smile:


Nice! Keep up the great work. :+1::slight_smile:

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Great to see more textures coming along! Yay, less grey!

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Are you referring to the monitors directly in front of the pilot?
While it would be nice to have real time information on it, shouldn’t it be done when polishing the whole product?


Soon my precious…



Hmmmm, yummy, tasty looking rusty flavoured metal!


The artist sees it that way


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Ohh Nice I cannot wait to purchase this when its ready. If theres one thing I’d like to inquire about adding would be a “simulation” of sort set up. You can go to different screens and press buttons that will do different functions like turning things on or off, etc. Simulation can be turned on or off. I feel like that would make this even more amazing! Also TRACK IR5!!! ADD Please

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Glad to see that the pledge upgrade is slowly getting realized. Will the pledge upgrade platform also support paypal?

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Not big on the rusty look…at least not for the interior of a cockpit.

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Iam in your side it rusty together we stronger take my hand and hold on tight if spacejay said it rusty so that rusty ok mby it can be dried up glue


Yeah it’ll support PayPal.


Loving the work you guys are doing. Keep it up!


Don’t worry, currently I’m giving each part a basic first pass. Once everypart is uvmapped/packed/in engine I’ll pretty much redo textures.