Weekly Update #103


Currently it’s primarily improving warp (an ongoing issue) and bug fixes.


Question: Will capital ships have individually damagable parts? Could you copy the opening of The Last Jedi and take out a capital ship’s turrets with a fighter?


thanks for the help! but I’ve already used the Vjoy+UJR program, and the system puts a Vjoy first device, and everything else moves down.


I think you can already lose weapons in the current build once shields go down.


Did someone just think of fluffy white volumetric clouds again… (Layered volumetric clouds).

New patch looks very good. Still, I hope in the game polish phase onwards the stations can also get some extra life of there own. Maybe only visible when you fly close to them or what ever tricks the devs can do to bring about the look of busy stations at a low cost. Exterior elevators running up and down the sides. Work-men and work-droids outside, going about there work schedules (like in Babylon 5). Similar could be applied to land bases as well. Trucks on tracks between buildings, and convener belt/buckets of ore etc showing a working land station mining and ore processing operation.

Outland (1981) rather dark but you can see the elevator just about moving down the side of the mine on Io.