Website Front page update

Hi all.

First of all, I know the devs will have enough work for them cut out the next months,
but I still want to point this out.

The front page should be updated that after the succeeded Kickstarter,
it should give a quick summary what will happen next…
For instance, that pledging and backing through the site will be possible in the near future.

Any ideas?


A more prominent link to the forums would also be nice. Something like changing “community” to “community (forum)”.

Are you talking about the I-Novae page or the Battlescape page? Because I’m talking about the Battlescape page.

And maybe add a news section or at least a link to the KS update section.


I was actually talking about the main main page, the one that comes up when you enter the site.
They could also make the Battlescape the main page for the time being, to highlight it more.

Seeing as Battlescape is the main attraction for the I-novae engine, it sound logical to me
to make that more prominent.

There allready is

I think the I-Novae Site just needs to be made up to date again. Though I don’t think it is of much harm if it leads to a finished Kickstarter for some days.