Weather on the Planets?

I wasn’t sure if this was asked before but is the engine capable of being able to simulate weather on the planets themselves? Like a lightning storm, snow storm, rain, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc.

We don’t have a “it just works” weather simulation at the moment however the engine is certainly capable of integrating weather simulation. Currently we have no plans to add weather for Infinity: Battlescape.

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Thanks for the Reply. Cool to hear.

@INovaeKeith Weather’s been an oft discussed and requested feature for TQFE. I assume, eventually, weather will be introduced to the MMO, if it’s not there at launch. Since Battlescape and TQFE will both be using the INovae engine, is there any chance of seeing features like that backported to Battlescape?

It’s likely it’d be available for the MMO at some point which may or may not be at launch. The likelihood that it’d be back ported to I:B is slim. Once we ship the last of however many DLC/expansions we do for I:B and begin work on our next project, hopefully the MMO, we will likely branch the code base so that future changes don’t break I:B. At that point I:B will be using its own legacy version of the I-Novae Engine and we will back port critical patches but not much else. Besides once we ship the MMO what’s the point in playing I:B? :wink:

Fun? Relaxation? Memories? Training?

Just one more question. There is another engine out there called space engine and they have a planetarium mode where you can just go around in a camera view and explore the universe. Can we do this aswell with I Novae?

Yes the engine supports that however our first game may not. There’ll be a sandbox mode in I:B that lets you explore a solar system but we aren’t planning on supporting interstellar warp at the moment. It’s possible that could change.

Alrighty, Sounds good. Thanks for answering my questions.

Oh dear gods… Please, I beg of you, for the sake of my poor, fragile sanity, don’t name the potential free-fly mode “planetarium mode”. That would be like someone calling your computer’s case the “CPU”, or someone calling your living room the “TV”.

How about like Freelancer did? When a player flies into a cloud the LOCAL fog, post-processing, skybox and shaders/particles change to that weather but no actual weather assets are used in the game world. Make fake rain and droplets on screen and maybe a wet surface shader on ships or something. Basically a lot of fakery to pretend there’s weather without actually putting weather in the game world?

That’s a more likely scenario time permitting.

First there need to be clouds … also a part of what we call weather.

I’m kinda stunned on how even to think of working or suggesting ideas for this engine, I’m flabbergasted. I came here because of this video: (I believe at this moment its the latest on your new/press section).

Is there somewhere you can point me in the direction to understanding how this engine works so fast. I mean I would suggest an idea but to preserve wasting maybe just pull a basic weather generating algorithm from a list and progressively generate from there. I don’t exactly know. Your guys game engine is marvelous.