Wallpaper - Give Us Your Best Shot! (Image Intensive)


Wish I had these earlier. And in PNG. Really awesome shots!!!


Which video card?


Gigabyte GTX Titan X Xtreme 12GB

I use it for my work as well. I do all my 3D client renders and animations (Otoy Octane Render) with it.


i have 660ti omfg youre man. Yeah i know about this card not actualy for gaming. Yeah it cool OOR




Some Sarake:


Posted a few on ED and SC forums, great looking shots these. Love the blue colours. The top right side shot looks pretty much like a real photo, dawn light over the Alps.


Love those shots, @SpaceJay! :heart_eyes_cat:

Here’s a quick screenshot.


Thanks Bob! :smile:

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BTW, @JonnyRedHed I answered somebody’s question on CPU performance on your SC thread.

Basically, I just posted a screenshot of MIS Afterburner while running the program, and made some observations.

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perfect, objects static or move around something?
and this white thing is that the type of the rainbow in space?


Asteroids rotate, planets don’'t rotate yet.

White rainbow is asteroid field.


sorry for my ignorance, I did not fly in space at the pictures looks that you are a real astronaut


Thank’s, but no, I am not an astronaut. :wink:

But I wish I had a spaceship, capable of interstellar travel. :smile_cat:


Yet you’re a professional photographer, I feel a career in the near future.
yes no harm in dreaming.

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Its all good. Keeping the game on page 1 of the SC ‘other games’ forum section will always mean new SC members will get to discover I:B. With such great screen shots and weekly updates it remains fresh. Same applies to the ED forum.

ED, SC, LTT (Linus tech tips), and Guru3d forums.



Sarake Sunrise

2016 Retrospective

Uchi Mama! Amazing shots. :heart_eyes: Sure looking forward to that interceptor too - that will make for much better filming and photos.

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Yes snowy mountains look like really visited in the Alps.
ok about filters instagram u use them?