Vulkan 1.0 specs released!

Its about time.

I still hope it was in time for battlescape, as I heard that one or more devs were itching to have it released so it can be integrated into the game.


We definitely want to integrate it. Due to the unique nature of our tech it could have a significant impact on our performance. However it’s quite to be a pretty serious effort to do the port so we’ll see how things play out over the next few months.


Will Vulkan allow the use of full VRAM in SLI setups? If yes, then I’m keeping my setup, if no, I’ll probably trade out the cards for a (presumed) 1080 TI with (assumed) 6+ GB of VRAM.

Will you marry me?


personally I’d go for an AMD HBM videocard. traditionally AMD/ATI drivers have sucked, but that’s partly due to AMD strictly following the API (OpenGL, DirectX<=11) when the game/engine needs special tweaks. Vulkan really matches up with AMD’s driver building philosophy, so I expect to see good vulkan drivers coming from them.

that and I seriously don’t like NVIDIA as a company. bunch of sleezeballs like microsoft is.

I’m not sure my girlfriend will agree, and she’s kind of scary good at martial arts.


It’s 2016! We can share! Stop living in a 19th century love paradigm, man!


Is vulkan free ? Or like openCL ?

Both Vulkan and OpenCL are free.

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Oh somebody told me you had to pay a licence to use openCL… I’ll ask precisions

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Nothing a couple of hammers can’t fix. Just saying.

That might fix the marital art problem, however you’ll probably have to deal with some scary good lawyers next…

Maybe hammers can fix those, too? Hammers for everything!


Well, if you use the hammers on the lawyers, may I suggest a rapid and immediate relocation to another country? :stuck_out_tongue:

I doubt it. Unless you move at god like speeds, she’ll probably have broken your wrists and stolen your hammers from you before you understand that your wrists now hurt.

Seriously, high level black belts and multiple gold medal winners are scary.

Also, does anyone have the answer to my question about using multiple VRAM?

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Listen, the hammer’s weren’t my idea. :stuck_out_tongue:

And yeah, hammers probably aren’t a good idea. Angry girlfriends with scary martial arts skills probably aren’t a good thing either [citation needed].

I hope to never be able to provide a data point.


ib4 Kichae says “for science!”

But do you know what’s an awesome thing? Completely zen girlfriends with scary martial arts skills who are totes OK with a technology motivated sham marriage!

Also, I’m kinda curious about this SLI thing, too.


Both d3d12 and Vulkan allow the full use of VRAM in SLI. In fact d3d12/Vulkan allow the full use of SLI and the full use of your integrated video card all at the same time. Unfortunately the engineering effort required to maximize the usage of that many GPU’s is significant given that ultimately only 1 of them controls the framebuffer and you have to deal with moving memory from GPU to GPU and GPU to/from CPU.

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