Tobii EyeX Controller Support?

Hi All,

I tried to search for a discussion regarding the Tobii EyeX Controller but could not find one, sorry if one exists.

I have ordered one based on YouTube reviews from streamers using it on Elite Dangerous amongst other games supported.

Wanted to raise a discussion to have the controller included in the development of the game. I see it being very valuable.

I am sure people will use Track IR, however I don’t like the feeling of having to turn my head but still have to look at the main screen. Gaze tracking pans the camera to ensure what you are looking at is centred on the screen.

Has anyone giving it a go and not liked it?

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We’ll take a look at it but we can’t promise anything. Peripheral integration takes quite a bit of time so we’re trying to be conservative for our initial release. Worst case we can certainly patch-in support for new peripherals after the game ships.


Thanks Keith.

The company appears to be pushing to expand so could be an opportunity to leverage this and shift some workload onto them :slight_smile:

Again I haven’t used it yet so I hope it actually acts the way it is represented.

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What about Virtual reality?:slightly_smiling:
I think Tobii EyeX Controller is a Machine Learning product,and opencv have some interface also can support your program to have similar effect:relaxed:

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VR would be great and an ultimate end goal but it is not overly inexpensive to get into. EyeX isn’t too cheap but not as expensive as Oculus Rift.

By no way is this a plug to try and sell the product :slight_smile: I am awaiting to receive mine and do not have an affiliation with the company making it :slight_smile:

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