Time to spread the word! (Evangelism Kit)


I generally use this http://freemusicarchive.org/, just look at the reuse terms.


@INovaeFlavien & @INovaeKeith, in the KS video do you mention the history of I-Novae at all? Just to prevent people saying you're trying to ride the wave of Elite & Star Citizen.

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I know one of the dudes who did a fair bit of music contribution. His name was Amorbis on the forums iirc. Haven't heard much from him in a little while though, I think he's been busy.


Not really, no timeline is given in the video. Flavien might have to do a blog of the chronology or something that is linked on the KS page.


I think that'd be a good idea.


FYI, I've posted a presentation of I:B on a french forum of a gaming magazine:

Any comment is welcome.

Infinity Battlescape Media Mega Thread

Maybe you could add www.infinity-universe.fr for those who wants summarized news about the project ?


Agreed, I missed that one :wink:

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Updated the plot and development section of the Infinity wikipedia page. While Infinity: Battlescape should be noted in that page, it deserves its own page.

[edit] Would be nice if an English native speaker, not affiliated with I-Novae, would check the grammar and syntax of the page. As when I write in English, I use commas like I do in my native language.

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Cool. I was looking at that page the other day.

Here's the wikipedia page


fixed a few things. no offense but the writing in the current version of those sections isn't terribly fun to read. I'm not well-versed in the lore and not a great myself a writer (see what I did there?) but hopefully some people will join in and take a shot at it. oh and thanks for updating it.


I'm suggesting you reread what you fixed. We need an English major in collaboration with Keith or Flavin to make sure that is well written.

I'm good at finding mistakes not good at original work.
quoji you did more than some so thanks.


they were all one letter fixes but go for it


I tried to write about I:B in some YouTube channel's discussion pages to help get the word out (TheXPGamers and Scott Manley, who I watch and know they like space games, so I thought they would be interested) but I think my comments were marked as spam for some reason. I can see them when I'm logged in but not when I log out. Maybe YouTube doesn't like it when people post links.

Does anybody know why that is happening? If you could explain, it could help me and others avoid having that happen in the future.

And if someone posts a comment or similar on a YouTuber's page or video, would it be OK if you shared a link to the comment so that we can like/comment on the comment so that it can get a higher rating?


mind linking to those comments so we can see?


Ah, wait, I think I found the problem. I posted a new comment as a test, and it looks like you can't have links or edit the comment, otherwise YouTube automatically hides it. Maybe it needs to be moderated/approved to appear if it contains links or has been edited.

Anyway, here's a link to the comment that I managed to make appear.
The original one was a small description that contained links. And I am apparently unable to link to that.

EDIT: Feel free to write another comment if you think the one I wrote paints the wrong picture.

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It's possible other users or the channel owner would view comments that are long/contain speech that sounds like an ad/are overly solicitous/contains links as spam because, well, it smells of spam. "Hey I heard you like ------, come check out my channel" is a popular one. As a result I think people are extra skeptical when they view comments in youtube, and you might have to be subtler when you preach because in a world where everyone's trying to sell you something eagerness can be perceived negatively. Of course, doesn't mean that's the reason in your case. Way to spread the word. :smile_cat:

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@ Parisbre56
I have found a couple of things:
They have great technology that allows epic space battles with hundreds of players taking place in entire planetary systems.

And: and gather resources

you have "systems" The battles take place in one system. More then one shard but only one system.

As far as I know "gathering resources" has not been confirmed.

Take this as helpful criticism... from someone who is surprised he can tie his own shoelaces.


I thought the system was procgenned for each arena instance/game, it's just that the kickstarter uses the same system for everything?


Depending on funding. (small chance that planed in base game in some form)

Depending on funding. (Devs would rather do other things = High Stretch Goal)