Thoughts about Infinity:Battlescape and the Kickstarter project

You could create complex, meaningful and expensive game play in any virtual environment. It doesn’t really matter how big it is supposed to be or where the walls or borders are.

Just imagine what you can do in a single room. Now imagine you could do even more because you aren’t limited by your human form … I could think of thousands of game mechanics to implement just in that environment.

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I know that you understand the generation stuff, but this is more than a little misleading for those who don’t.

It would be more correct to say

Once the code has been written to generate planets procedurally, generating a million planets is just as easy as generating a single planet

Beyond the planet generator, there is additional coding to assemble those planets into planetary systems, create the stars themselves, and then the structure of the galaxy, along with its spiral arms, voids, clusters, nebulae and other such things. In fact galaxy generation probably starts at the galaxy level and works down.

I doubt that I-Novae Studios has taken the time to create any of that code because they don’t need it. They only need to create a few planets for the Kickstarter, and they may rely on a few hand-built planetary systems for the final game - as much as I wish they’d allow players to choose procedural system #94610 for the current game.


You’re not allowed to know about that system… It doesn’t exist.

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