This game needs VR!

Well i know it is in pre-alpha, so i don’t want to bother anyone with this , but due to its nature, this game should have an option for those who have HMD’s like me ( rift ), i’m playing Elite Dangerous and the game is awesome , so it should be the same for this one, i hope this option will be one day implemented ingame for the sake of immersion :slight_smile: .
The i-novae engine is absolutely fabulous especially when we go planetary combat , i just have to say wow !
In VR it should run pretty well i guess, and be double wow :stuck_out_tongue:


VR isn’t off the table entirely, however it most probably won’t happen until at least after the game is released. Last I heard, the engine does actually support VR in a limited sense, and one of the devs was experimenting with it. However, it all comes down to how much time it would take to implement it fully with the engine, as well as how long it would take to remake an interface for VR. As it stands now, VR is a luxury item that can’t really happen at the moment.

Hopefully that will change when the game goes to gold. :slight_smile:


I really hope this game will get VR support before the release. I hope they follow the path of FD with ED.

Using VR in this kind of game makes all the difference, for the better.


Remake the interface ?
Why ?
look at Elite Dangerous, interface is the same as the “pancake” version.
It is just a matter of mapping keys on a HOTAS !
Not really need to interact with cockpit buttons ( well this would be nice but not necessary )

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I’m not sure exactly what was meant by remaking the interface, I’m just saying what I recall a dev said when speaking on this subject.