Thinking of getting the 110$ pledge, few questions

Firstly i have loved everything i have seen with the game keep up the great work.
My question is the $110 pledge says alpha access, is alpha access now live ?
As in if i pledge for that package can i play the game now? are the servers always online ?




Unfortunately the alpha access was delayed until early 2017.
The devs plan to have ‘free fly’ weekends for alpha backers until then to make up a little for the delay.
To play the game right now you would need to pledge the Stellar Supporter + Dev Access Tier which is 275 $.
The servers are usually always online.


Also the devs mentioned that there will be a short period where they will open up the game to Alpha backers as compensation for the delay. No date announced for that yet.

IMO if you are willing to put in the hours to give feedback and test the game then go for the $275 if you can afford it. Otherwise the alpha tier will be worth it if you are patient enough.


Also, bear in mind that there’s not much in the way of actual gameplay implemented yet, although that is next on the agenda once we have a redesigned HUD.

So if you want something to play, you’d be best off waiting for Alpha, but if you want to explore and help experiment with a technical prototype environment then earlier access is a good choice!

I love the prototype, the I-Novae engine has so much potential!

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Just Welcome! -)