The Wolf Game - SS Black Swan - Day 6 - Everybody Dies, Traitors Win

I don’t think we’ve ever tried. I’m not afraid to experiment in the next game…


So number 1 thing I learned this game… don’t try to join 400 posts in and try to catch up unless you have a lot of spare time on your hands. Sorry guys, I didn’t appreciate just how busy I am right now.

Well done traitors… it seems you played a good game.

I did too! At least for the roleplay and cool story that emerged.

Every single response about wolves was pretty exclusive to 3 so I doubt that. And yes you did sadly get shafted but everyone and I mean EVERYONE had technical issues. Mine was just a misfortune of timing and YOU HAD 36 HOURS TO QUESTION MY VOTE FOR AAA BUT CHOSE LAST 2 HOURS.

Not your fault, good call, but I’m still steaming about it.

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Yeah, if we’d come up with a plan sooner (which we should have, given we knew from before the game started it was going to be subsystems) you might have had a better chance.

Just a quick thought before turning in for the night on game theory.

One of the reasons I think, and this may have been mentioned before, that the last few games with systems in them as apposed to roles, is that the systems give the wolves collectively more knowledge of the game than the humans do - on top of the fact they know who the other wolves are. Ironically, the paranoia of the humans plays right into the wolves’ interest, when they are so secretive of the systems’ functions, thus keeping the vast majority of the humans unable to execute any form of complex plan early to mid game. In the last two games I’ve played as a wolf and there were systems to be repaired/exploited, I knew what most of the systems did by the second night. Why? Well duh, I talked to the other wolves, and we shared information.

The only way I see to get the humans the advantage early game is to rid themselves of the paranoia right away, because paranoia doesn’t and hasn’t worked. Spread themselves across all the systems DAY ONE - even if it means that only one human is in a system - and have them immediately post all information asap. If a system sounds important, put some more guys on there, sure. If somebody lies, lynch them.

Sure, the wolves will have the info sooner, but so will the humans. And it isn’t as if you’re hiding the info from the wolves, because trust me, we found out about them this game and the last game just fine.



Agreed. Bear in mind that the wolves already start the game with an advantage over the humans. They already know who the other wolves are.

I completely agree with your assessment. A wolf on a system will obviously share details of the system with every other wolf. A paranoid human (yes, I’m looking at you here Enginish) will share that information with no-one, and therefore it can’t be used in any human plan.

I think this kind of game works better if we spread on day one, figure out what the systems do, then prioritise which ones we protect going forward, as you say.

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I would go far to say don’t even wait for the next day to start. Just PM spam everybody that night, or even better, start a mega discussion PM (since these forums allow for that) with everybody involved.

Can I just say that after having read back over that thread, we are missing a lot of flavor that we used to have from past games. Nobody roleplays anymore :frowning: that game had so much roleplaying, even the game was roleplay focused!

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I remember … yes.

2 hyp3d 4 r0l3pl4y

Honestly though. It feels a lot … harder and less relaxed. It has something to do with the atmosphere.
I think I could nail down some indices for what could be the reasons, but I’m not sure about them.

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maybe make it so wolves are in control of the damage, some people thought that would be the case in ISS relatively fast.

we used to do a lot of very standard wolf games so the roleplay was needed to spice things up, i feel. If the game is engaging enough, this goes for any game, people dont tend to feel motivated to roleplay past the game mechanics themselves.

My roleplay has always been a little thrown together though.

I really miss when we had more roleplaying! I guess we had a fair amount in ISS relatively fast, so maybe it’s just a matter of finding settings people can come up with good RP for.

Hopefully my next setting (inspired in a conversation with Lysk) will be much more RP inspiring :smiley:

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*starts coughing and spluttering uncontrollably*

So when’s that next game @martindevans? :stuck_out_tongue:


Right after I finish the game of NPI managed to get myself caught up in >_<


Well, I lost horribly. Annihilated by an alliance of the other four remaining players >_<

I’m going to start designing the rules for a new wolf game tomorrow.


Well, I lost horribly.


I hate you all.


I wish I could like an edit…



Use that hatred to fuel your imagination for the next game! :wink:


At least you went down swinging. :triumph:

. . .

You did fight to the bitter end, right? :imp:


Usually I would, but this time I quit once it became clear I was going to lose… after all I needed to free up time for this wolf game!


You mean human game. The wolves do so little killing.


Delivering one WH40K themed wolf game, as ordered!