The Wolf Game - Panic Station - Werewolves Win!


I nominate @Pendrokar for the last slot.

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Not sure if I can. Summer solstice will be quite a busy week.


Might be for me too. But I will still try to keep up with the game. Can’t promise to be a driving force of either team though. At least for the first week.

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Are you two the monks in charge of the Stonehenge solstice rituals? :sunrise:


Someone has to preform the sacred rituals, otherwise the harvest won’t come. Then we’d have to start a sacrifice lottery or something and no one wants that.


The Flying Diablos pulled out of the station with a metal on metal screeching as the wheels slipped on the icy tracks. The conductor sat down heavily on his bed in the brake van at the back of the train. Thinking to himself that It was going to be a long slow trip to their next destination, Stonesmile Viaduct, thanks to this awful weather. He sighed heavily and lay down to get some sleep.

The next morning the passengers gathered in the dining car, chattering quietly to one another about how late the train was likely to be as they took their seats. Staff came in from the kitchen and began delivering hearty cooked breakfasts, the mood in the room began to lighten up as people dug into bacon and eggs. A member of kitchen staff came out with another breakfast and… looked slightly confused, everyone already had their breakfast!

As the passengers finished off their breakfasts the head conductor entered the front of the carriage and attracted everyones attention to make an announcement “Ladies and Gentlemen I’m afraid I have some extremely disturbing news to deliver. Yesterday we checked 18 people onto the train, this morning only 17 people are here. The train has not stopped all night and has been travelling at a high enough speed to kill anyone who attempts to leave! I am afraid I must conclude that the passenger @INovaeFlavien has been murdered!” The passengers gasped, and then all started talking at once throwing accusations and insinuations around the room.

It Is Now Day 1, Flavien has been killed

The day will end in 48 hours

The Train Is Currently At Stonesmile Viaduct. Special Rule: Players killed during the day and night will be thrown off the bridge and their corpse may not be further interacted with.

Additional Rules

This game has 2 new mechanics that have been introduced.


The train travels during the night, and then stops during the day. Each day the passengers must vote where the train will go during the next night. Passengers may vote for any previously visited destination or the next unvisited destination.

For today, available Destinations Are:

  • Return to Panic Station (No Special Rules).
  • Stay at Stonesmile Viaduct (Dead players cannot be further interacted with).
  • Advance to Redwater (Famous Market Town, players may buy and sell items in the town).


This game several roles which require items to work, the items they require are not all in their possession, instead they are distributed amongst the players. Every player has an inventory of items and may freely trade them with other players, include the GM in all private messages discussing trades, and then notify him (say @martindevans in your message) when a trade is complete. Player inventories (in the original role message) will be updated ASAP.

Additionally, players may reveal publicly that they possess an item. To do so, simply announce that you have the item and notify the GM. The GM will confirm the veracity of the announcement (fake announcements are not banned, but of course they will not be confirmed).


@TerranAmbass did it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Stonesmile Viaduct. I’ve heard they have an excellent gift shop.


Yes. Yes. It was me. ALL ME! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!! :triumph:

What’d I do?

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Quick post, headed to sleep and this took me by surprise.

Surely you mean Redwater, Arkenbrien? Stonesmile is where we are, and it’s got a fairly inconvenient effect.

I’m interested to see what happens at Erilyn, the final stop. We’ll only arrive there on day seven, and then only if we advance every day. This seems unlikely enough to warrant a very good effect. Instant win perhaps? Food for thought.

Also, I’m working in my university’s STM lab this summer, so from 9 to 5 CST (with a break for lunch) I’ll be MIA. It’s in a basement, so I can’t even check my phone. :frowning:

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Noble had awoken with a headache, his egg had been served cold and now somebody had gone and got themselves murdered. 'This is hardly satisfactory thought Noble, he might even consider taking some time out of his important business meeting in Erilyn to write a complaint.

Arkenbrien only a murderer would want to remain at the bridge, and besides that would make me late for my meeting in Erilyn.

I vote to progress to the next station, Redwater

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Cybercritic burped after his breakfast and there was the usual alcohol taste in his mouth, pleasant as always, the breakfast surely tastes better with it. This surprise announcement that there is a murderer on board the train caught him somewhat off-guard, this was bound to be a dangerous trip, something that does not really help his plans of starting over in Erilyn.

I have some money in my pocket, let’s see what we can buy in Redwater, maybe a gun with 3 bullets? :wink:


Borkis wonders why if Arkenbrien is set on riding a train, he chooses to stay at the current station

Let’s get on to Redwater. Borkis needs another bottle of rum

LucasFIN for no particular reason.

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I believe the market is at Redwater, Arkenbrien. The viaduct would seem like a stop preferred by a wolf.


Mr Smith had awoken well early of the other passengers and had been the first to arrive in the dining car for breakfast. Thus he was already done eating by the time they noticed that someone was missing - and already there were accusations flying around everywhere. One of them had to be the murderer, but who? And why?

He finished his coffee. “I’d prefer we continue on to my destination Erilyn, so Redwater it is for me.” He stood and wandered over to where the majority of people were standing, discussing vividly. “My name is Xamino Smith, you may call me Mr. Smith. My profession is bodyguard. I have a new client waiting for me.”


Topper backs away from the window seats, one hand clutching his stomach, the other grasping a support rail. Topper dry heaves a couple of times before composing himself, and promptly shutting himself in the toilets

Topper pushes the following note from underneath the door

Suggest we proceed to Redwater, got some cash I’d like to spend. Besides, I hate heights, and this viaduct is making me queasy.

I think Arkenbrien is trying to make me uncomfortable intentionally. Plus, if we have a doctor on board, they’re hardly going to be able to determine the alignment of our victims if they all end up in the drink


That’s what I get for trying to play at too late (or is it early?) an hour. Of course Redwater. :blush:

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I’m going to think of an RP, but for now:

We should proceed to Redwater.

And Cise is a wolf, even if hes human.


Redwater. Let’s see how rich I am.

Mattk50 should die… just to be safe.


Just a reminder that editing of posts is banned in this game.

This is to prevent the shenanigans we had last game with players silently going back 30 posts to ninja edit their votes.

Of course, it’s no longer a requirement to strike through old votes!

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I have no idea what you are talking about. :wink:

Okay, no more editing… if you insist…

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