The Wolf Game - Panic Station - Werewolves Win!


Against my better judgement.
No Lynch


No lynch

Lysk was the doppleganger


All right, let us risk it.

No lynch.


Darn it.

No lynch.


To do anything else would require total cooperation of the humans, quickly.
I worry about all these poisons going around.

Good game wolves, this will be down to the wire.


The long day stretched on, hours and hours of featureless and desolate wasteland sped past the windows. After an eternity the sun began to descend toward the horizon and the passengers once again collectively decided that enough was enough - there would be no more killing on this journey!

It Is Nighttime

No one dies
Night will end in 24 hours

When the train arrives at Erilyn:

  • Humans >= Wolves
    • instant human victory
  • Wolves > Humans
    • instant wolf victory

As everyone slept the train sped across the last miles of the lightspell plains. Suddenly everyone was thrown from their beds and the as the train jerked to a halt. Metal screamed and screeched as the brakes were slammed on and the train came to a dead stop.

Bleary eyed passengers began gathering into groups, wondering what had happened . A small group braved the cold and went outside to inspect the train for damage caused by the emergency stop; in between the first and second class carriages they found NobleBrutus. He was tied in between the carriages - when the train had stopped the rear carriage had slammed into him and shattered every one of his ribs at once. Closer inspection showed that his leg was torn to ribbons and covered in bite marks, as if some beast had used it’s mouth to drag him by the leg from his bed…

#Is Is Now Daytime
Night time interference has caused the train to stay at Lightspell
NobleBrutus has been murdered by werewolves
Day will end in 48 hours, and immediately be followed by another day

Train Is At: Lightspell Plains
Vast desolate plains so far north that the sun never sets.

Available Destinations:

  • Return to Panic Station (No Special Rules).
  • Return to Stonesmile Viaduct (Dead players cannot be further interacted with).
  • Return to Redwater (Famous Market Town, players may buy and sell items in the town).
  • Return to Maenas Pass (Chance that rocks will fall, preventing the train from moving).
  • Return to The Longest Tunnel In The World (two consecutive nights).
  • Return to Pelinai Mountains (night roles disabled)
  • Stay At Lightspell Plains (two consecutive days)
  • Advance to Erilyn (werewolf hunters sweep the train, humans win)

Deceased Inventories

Golden Gun x 1
Lead Bullet x 3
Dog x 1 (Rufus AKA Fluffy)

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No one saw that one coming… no one at all. /s x 100


If the game hasnt ended yet, it must mean there are only 3 wolves and we still have 5 humans left alive… ill post my full thoughts on the situation late, but for now, im just going to vote for us to go to Erilyn.


Noble groaned, his vision swimming. Through the fuzzy haze he could see passengers making a mad dash down the corridor, but it was not his corridor. The Red carpets gave way to the words ’Red Arrow’ painted in gold Cyrillic text. Staring harder Noble could just see the outline of another corridor, this one dark and empty. Noble stumbled forward… fresh air, that’s what he needed … As Noble slid open the door the vision slid away and in it’s place stood a monstrous taloned creature it’s eyes red as blood covered in a ragged pelt.

Noble’s hand shot down and he jumped back, his training at the Academy for knights of Antamera taking over. However the taloned hand smashed into and indeed through Noble’s chest throwing the Golden Gun flying from Noble’s hand. Without breath to scream Noble went limp and prayed for forgiveness. The creature then took Noble’s leg in it’s great maw and effortlessly tossed the barely conscious Noble between the carriages. The last thing Noble heard before the blackness came was the sound of Rufus hammering against the cabin door and barking frantically.

Look after Fluffy for me.

  • Cise isn’t behaving in a way that makes me want to lynch him, so he must be a wolf.
  • Xamino was vague on how exactly he was able to determine the number of active wolves, so he must be a wolf.
  • Topperfalkon hasn’t publicly posted in over a week but was last seen and posted within a day, so he must be a wolf.
  • Lomsor can stop the train and the train was stopped, so he must be a wolf.
  • Mattk50 has posted very little to make me think he is a wolf, so he must be a wolf.
  • Enginish is not currently on my suspect list, so he must be a wolf.
  • Aquila has been extremely unresponsive to questions, so she must be a wolf.

I’m going to wait for others to respond before I make a real post as I feel my input often distracts from others.


As I stated I have no clue why I received that information. Not sure if it even matters really. If I were a wolf and intended to strike fear in the hearts of the puny humans I’d pick an as high as possibly number to make them fear their impending doom. Even if that were the case we can rest assured that we are down to at most 3 wolves at this time, as per mattk50’s reasoning.

There, some information. I will also state that I believe Aquila to be human, based on her knowledge of my role and its shortcomings. If the wolves knew what she did of me they would have acted long ago. Her continued silence and the wolves failing to use my weakness against anyone bring me to believe that she can be trusted.


Could we have some more clarity on how you got that information? It’s pretty clear now that it was wrong. No one except Noble has died since you told us that, and I’m fairly sure he was a human.

Here’s what I’m seeing right now. (Adjusts tinfoil hat)
The last person that died who had a reasonable probability of being a wolf was King_Cosmos.
Who were his allies? Aquila, Lomsor, and Xamino.
Xamino lied about the number of remaining wolves in order to provoke Noble or Sane into assassinating a human, fearing a surprise wolf victory.
Lomsor threw the brakes before we reached Erilyn.
Aquila has been hiding all game, and took my role (and still hasnt returned it!).

These are the wolves, I think.
Furthermore, I think the reason the wolves have been so insistent in keeping my role tied down is because they fear me scanning any of the above people. With a role as powerful as Lomsor’s it would make sense to lie about who actually holds it. I don’t think we can advance to Erilyn until the true Engineer dies, and I am worried that Lomsor is not the Engineer (but still certainly a wolf).
With all that said…


Kreydis. I wasn’t happy with the lynch but it’s not impossible that he was a wolf.


But if Kreydis was a wolf then my beautiful theory is kaput :cry:


Could have sworn that Xamino had told us that on the first day at Lightspell, though… Whoops. Mistakes, they were made. My fault for not double checking.


I “saw” the forms of 4 wolves the night before. This information was received via the GM. I have no way to further prove the truth of this matter, just wait until the game is done.

So, uh, I’m clear?

On to my own theories: if Kreydis was a wolf then we must consider the votes of the following people:

  • Lomsor (first to vote for him)
  • The_Sane (redacted later to vote for NobleBrutus who was human due to night kill)
  • Cybercritic (confirmed human because of night kill)
  • Cise

Really, this all only makes me more and more suspicious of Enginish. I have little proof though, just small things that keep popping up, including the mess he was involved in with King_Cosmos (who, like Aquila, was fully aware of my role and its uses).

I want to hear what @Lomsor has to say to the train staying here though.

So for now:


Sadly in my opinion most of that mess was created by Cosmos himself. You said you wouldn’t be informed if you protected anyone successfully, so who did you protect that night? Cosmos was either rashly jumping to conclusions when he had very little to go on or he was trying to manipulate the situation.


Interesting the train was stopped. I told you Lomsor could stop the train. Low and behold one stop before a human victory the train was stopped.

With so few humans left I would like to keep the momentum going with Xamino’s vote on Enginish. I do not want the vote to get split and ruin our efforts. With that being said Lomsor did clearly lie.



Ok, I took a look to see what was in Arks inventory the night he died, when Xamino was informed about active wolves. He had a lamp on him with plenty of fuel (1 fuel needed per night, without knowing what effect it would have a lamp is something I myself considered buying at Redwater). I would guess that him holding a lamp was what caused a player to be informed of the number of wolves active, Xamino is off my suspect list for now.

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