The Wolf Game - Panic Station - Werewolves Win!


Interesting information right there. Bold move to put all this out there, but I can understand the tactic. Indeed this may clear things up for tomorrow and help us to cooperate more instead of mistrusting us … at least a little better.

Although I don’t know about the timing. On second though, both posting today and tomorrow have drawbacks. Posting today, like you did, Sane, allows us to coordinate our roles better, but the drawback is that the wolves gain intel they can act upon during the night.

I think I rather choose to post tomorrow what else information I have. I don’t think there’s much point in risking the possibility of a wolf ploy for some additional hours of evaluation. Or that’s at least what I think is the best course of action for the information I hold.
If someone wants that info earlier, feel free to contact me. Though I reserve the right to not share the information if I don’t trust the inquirer of course.


Wanting to initiate this idea I personally had to post today to give everyone time to consider it. Risks are risks so do what you feel is appropriate.


The reason I told Cise my roll was he posted publicly that he thought Cosmos was blocking Enginish power but I was.It was an effort to can trust and push the vote back to Enginish.


I"m sorry I have been going on hardly any sleep the last few days and very busy. Enginish


So I made some Russian friends in a bar… Now I regret it…

Not in any stateto post tonight.

I vote Aquila. C9s shees been blocking ezengininish.

I’m not even going to botherbedi5ing that. I need bed :frowning:


The train plowed onwards through the snow, slowly ascending the Pelinai mountains. After breakfast the passengers gathered in the bar and Kreydis took immediately took control, announcing that he would loot the corpses and that the train should advance onwards to lightspell plains! From his chair at the back of the carriage Lomsor questioned why they should listen Kreydis, it was his fault that they hadn’t killed a werewolf before the entered the tunnel, maybe he’s one of them!

The argument continued all the way over lunch, but even The_Sane admitting that he had murdered King_Cosmos in cold blood using poison didn’t seem to sway opinions! Eventually they were sure of it: Kreydis is a werewolf. A crowd of passengers marched out of the dining carriage to Kreydis’ room. They smashed open his door and found him trying to hang himself to escape the mob. “You won’t escape our justice”, announced Lomsor and he grabbed the rope and held Kreydis in place whilst Cise and Cybercritic kicked and punched him. As Kreydis blindly ran his hands over the desk, desperately searching for a weapon to defend himself with, he knocked a stack of paper and a candle onto the floor by his feet. The mob backed out of the door as the fire spread rapidly across the wooden furnishings, they slammed the door closed and wedged a chair under the handle to hold it closed.

The crowd of passengers stood in the first class carriage, watching the conflagration consume the slowly receding sleeping car which had been cut loose to save the rest of the train. It was going to be cold tonight with no beds to sleep in…

It Is Now Nighttime

Kreydis has been lynched
Night will end in 24 hours, all night roles are disabled


The train rounded a corner and left the shadow of the Pelinai mountains. They had arrived at the Lightspell plains - huge wastelands so far north that the sun wouldn’t set for six more months. The warmth of the Sun began melting the ice covering every surface of the train and awoke Xamino from his sleep under a blanket in the first class car. He stood up, wincing at the pain as blood began circulating to his arms and legs, and began making his way forward to the dining car.

All of the windows in the dining car were open for some reason and a thin layer of frost covered everything in the room. Even some of the spirits stacked up behind the bar had frozen. As he walked across the room Xamino spotted someone slouched in a chair behind the bar. He ran over to wake them, but stopped as he leant over the bar and got a better look. Cybercritic was tied to his chair with a look of pure terror frozen into his face. Deep wounds covered his body, quite clearly bite marks, and had frozen into place with icicles of blood leading to a layer of slick red ice all over the floor behind the bar. Xamino hoped that the poor man had died quickly from the wounds and hadn’t been left in agony for hours, slowly freezing to death…

Is Is Now Daytime

Cybercritic has been murdered by werewolves
Day will end in 48 hours, and immediately be followed by another day

Train Is At: Lightspell Plains

Vast desolate plains so far north that the sun never sets.

Available Destinations:

  • Return to Panic Station (No Special Rules).
  • Return to Stonesmile Viaduct (Dead players cannot be further interacted with).
  • Return to Redwater (Famous Market Town, players may buy and sell items in the town).
  • Return to Maenas Pass (Chance that rocks will fall, preventing the train from moving).
  • Return to The Longest Tunnel In The World (two consecutive nights).
  • Return to Pelinai Mountains (night roles disabled)
  • Stay At Lightspell Plains (two consecutive days)
  • Advance to Erilyn (werewolf hunters sweep the train, humans win)

Deceased Inventories

Anaesthetic Vial x 2
Pencil x 3
Parchment x 3

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Return to the Longest Tunnel in the World!

…I kid. Erilyn, here we come! The end is in sight!
Xamino, any more news on the wolves?
No need to keep your roles secret anymore, I don’t think we’ll have any more nights. Let all the hidden secrets come forth! We have nothing left to fear from the wolves!



Aquilla for deliberately blocking the seer.


I fear the wolves might have another trick up their sleeve. Don’t take this for granted.

Their are nine of us left.

We should assume there are four wolves and five humans.

We have one more night (I think after our second day).

So one human is guaranteed to die. That makes 4 Humans.

Humans will kill twice. This means we will arrive in Erilyn with minimum 2 humans. And Max 4 Werewolves.

@martindevans can you confirm that even if a minority human contingent reaches Erilyn they will win?

I will reveal all tonight.


Nope, nothing revealed to me. Anyone else maybe? I think that was a one time thing for me.

Even before I decided whom to vote for: continue on to Erilyn. This is really mean for the wolves… if we kill one on either day we win. Not that I’m overly sympathetic. :stuck_out_tongue:


There’s no way a minority human contingent can arrive. If you have a tie with the wolves before the night, then the wolves will kill someone as normal and then reveal themselves and eat you all!

The question is what happens if the wolves engineer a tie overnight, and you arrive at Erilyn with a tied number of humans and wolves. In that case it would be a human victory.


If the humans have an instant win condition, what did the wolves get? A bigger team? Powerful abilities? Or are the train stops the only balancing factor? 4 left doesn’t have to mean that we hadn’t killed any yet.

I had assumed that was your role, to get a report on night activity (and that we wouldn’t get anything from it anyway due to the role block). If not that then an item from Redwater?

Nope. If there are 4 left and we kill a human first then wolves will probably win. This is why it is critical to share everything now and make the best judgement we can. Forcing a tie on day part one might even be the best option we have, just to extend the time we have to decide on who to kill. @martindevans would No lynch count as a vote?

A comment on Cybercritics death: Cybercritic did not pose any direct danger to the wolves as far as I can tell, but killing him does stop me from asking him a couple of questions. What exactly made him think Skyentist was the Alchemist? What made him conclude that the Wolfsbane potion was poison? Perhaps @Aquila can fill in these details.

If The Vigilante is still alive I would like to ask him to step forward. Even though Cosmos had the role for himself he would still have had to gain the cooperation of the real one, otherwise accusing Enginish and claiming to have been protected could easily backfire. Details on how he presented himself to you and and what you knew of the trap plan could be critical here. Unless you are Lucas, in which case you were dead. (Now we only have 1 night left there is little to worry about from revealing your identity, just protect yourself… or roll the dice, say you’re going to protect yourself and protect someone else.)

On night one were you already cooperating with Cosmos? If so how did you come to trust each other so early in the game? Why exactly did you choose to confiscate Enginish’s role at that point?

Is the wait over yet?

@mattk50, hi how are you feeling? Have you recovered from the surgery yet? Was this just a convenient excuse to gain sympathy and not be murdered?

@Lomsor, you’re the only person who has shown interest in sharing info so far, I look forward to anything you have to say.

@NobleBrutus, I’m still not sure if you should get a pass for that Freudian slip!


Strange. Do you know that Kymo wasn’t a wolf @Xamino or @The_Sane? I sure hope/think he was and we now have 3 to deal with instead of 4. Of course it’s good to think about the worst case scenario, I just hope it isn’t anymore … as bad.

Time is running out indeed, and The Sane is correct that this is the critical day. Sadly I myself hoped to see some arguments going on by now, but it looks like everyone has the same problem I do, no idea for whom to vote and why really …

Concerning the information. Seeing as the last station is end game I rather not reveal it. It may be potentially disadvantageous for us. It is a proof of me being human, but sadly doesn’t really help pinpointing a wolf.
I had more written up but it revealed to much.


Yes, but if you vote like that please make sure to follow the rules and post it on a separate line, bolded, at the end of your post. This is just to make sure I don’t miss it whilst I’m skimming the thread looking for names bolded in the post.


Do you know that he was? All I wanted to do was poke him and confirm that it was him that caused the tie, everyone else wanted to lynch him.

I don’t quite understand this. We are going to lose someone overnight regardless of what info is revealed, and then we either win or we lose. There wont be another chance to have an impact on the result of the game so I don’t see how it would be a bad move for you.


We only have to make one more station, this is well within reach. Erilyn

(@thesane i am feeling not shit today thanks for asking)

In any case, based on cyber’s death lastnight i think we can confirm that part of what sane said, though cyber doesnt seem to be a poisoner in the traditional sense? He had vials of anaesthetic, which makes me think his poison only disables people. Which also adds some consistency to the story, namely why engine isnt dead which i was wondering about if he got poisoned as claimed.

if we really have 4 wolves alive, then we’re not in such a good place but it also means those left alive have a much higher probability of being wolves. We have a good chance of picking the right person. @martindevans, if nobody dies over the two double days then the wolves kill someone at night, do we win? Assuming a 4 wolves 5 humans situation where 1 human dies at night, you dont need to confirm whether or not that’s actually the case to clarify. if so i think thats a pretty solid plan.

I also think it’s time to reveal my own role, though i haven’t really made great use of it thus far. I’m the spy, i can pick a player at night, and if they use their role that night it tells me details about the role and action taken. I only got one hit on night one, cise being the grave robber, i can confirm he took poison from trevise. The double night cosmos got poisoned i was looking at sane then, but im guessing because his role was daytime poison i got nothing. I actually forgot to use my role the 2nd time during the double night, i was a bit under the weather and stupid. I also scanned enginish night 2, it didnt exactly confirm his role had been stolen since he could have just not used it, but i got no result. And finally lastnight all night roles were blocked.

I think we should do the nolynch thing sane described, it sounds very solid depending on the game mechanics.


Yes, assuming you arrive at Erilyn with a tie in the numbers, humans win.


Currently I sympathise with Matt’s plan.

No Lynch

However Aquila is high on my suspect list. And I warn of wolfy tricks they may have yet to pull.

I can vouch for Lomsor if what he has told me by PM is true (I will cross check with others now). It would be advantageous to leave him out, however as I said circumstances have happened to strongly indicate to me that Lomsor is human.

I am the Dog Lover, I have a dog which can protect me or a person I choose from all foreign night activity. My dog by the way is called Rufus but nicknamed Fluffy. (My choosing of course not Martin’s). I let Fluffy guard my room all nights bar one when he guarded Lomsor.

I also have a armoured breastplate that would stop a bullet which I bought in Redwater. Didn’t have time to do much searching.

I had PM threads with Aquila (which accomplished no info sharing), TopperFalkon (I shared mine but got nothing in return), Lomsor (role swap and consulted me on Kreydis), Cise (suspected Aquila and Cosmos from the start) , Skyentist (no info) and Kreydis (role swap).

I encourage everybody bar Lomsor to share everything. And do so quickly so we can discuss.


Oh and of course we must advance to Erilyn , as I have been advocating from the start. I really mustn’t be late for my meeting! Antamera’s representative will not be pleased otherwise.