The Wolf Game - Panic Station - Werewolves Win!


Hey guys, im on a bunch of drugs and high and bleeding everywhere so probably shouldnt be posting, but while i was waiting earlier i had nothing better to do than to consider the situation. Im a bit haz y to detIL right now but i dont think sane is a good option and between cosmos and enginish while cosmos isnt confirmed and enginish has a good defense i think if we have to kill one Eningish is a better option


“You’re only saying this because you yourself are a wolf and wish to save the hide of your followers! You are scum, you are a villain, and I can’t properly say the word you’re! But in the end, it doesn’t even matter what I do or so, you all are just going to vote for the bickering couple while the plotting sane gets away with his actions and then kills me tomorrow night, but little do you know that it wasn’t him, because that would incriminate him, because it was YOU WHO WILL KILL ME, but it is not I that will die, it is you, you plotting wolf!” Kreydis rants and speeches onto the crowd of train detectives to be.

Turning to Aquila, Kreydis would state “Allow me the oprotunity to test the potion, for I have the will and the capacity!”


Edited: There was initially a miscount

There’s nothing much to see at Maenas pass, just sheer rock walls as far as the eye can see. The passengers took full advantage of this time to stay inside and discuss their situation all day. Someone had been saved last night, King_Cosmos claimed it was him but could he be trusted? Enginish claimed King_Cosmos had exchanged secret messages which proved his guilt, but were the messages forgeries? No one was sure who to believe.

As the sun drew low in the sky it became obvious that the crowd was turning against Enginish. He reached into his pocket and produced a Railway Employee Certificate proving that he was an employee of the train company and thus could not possibly be the werewolf! A few people nodded in agreement, this seemed like pretty solid evidence.

With that no one was sure who to accuse. King_Cosmos might seem a little fishy, but didn’t seem like a wolf. Enginish was a railway employee and so he couldn’t have done it…

Once again Kreydis waved his beer glass in the direction of The_Sane, shouting about how he clearly must be a wolf. But it just wasn’t enough, after all the uncertainty no one wanted to lynch anyone. Especially not now that they knew wolves could be fought off - maybe the Vigilante would return and save them all?

As the passengers went to sleep, a few of them had vivid dreams involving attacking and killing The_Sane. But they were just that, dreams, they never happened…

It Is Now Nighttime

Tied vote, no one is lynched
Night will end in 24 hours, and then be followed immediately by another night.


So the nights are going to be played in 2 different segments right? night 1 and night 2. Not just two nights in one? So we need to set actions for night 1 and 2?

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Yep, two complete nights.


The train chugged onwards through The Longest Tunnel In The World. After nearly 24 hours locked in their rooms, cowering in the dark and listening for the approaching sounds of a werewolf, the passengers were getting restless. Eventually someone desperate for human company ventured out of their room and tapped quietly on another door… no answer. They tried again, daring to knock a little louder… still no answer. Throwing caution to the wind they kicked open the door, and immediately shouted out in horror at what they saw! Blood was splattered all around the room, up the walls and even on the ceiling. All that was left of Skyentist was his arm, ripped off at the elbow and left gripping onto the edge of the open window.

The rest of the passengers dared to emerge from their rooms… all except for King_Cosmos. Fearing the worst, and feeling safer now there was a crowd they rushed to his room and kicked the door open. There they found him bent over his desk, lying in a pool of his own vomit, clearly a victim of poison !

Is Is Now Night 2

Skyentist was poisoned (by an unknown party) and murdered by the werewolves
King_Cosmos has been poisoned (by an unknown party)
Night will end in 24 hours, when we arrive at Pelinai Mountains


After two days in the inky blackness the sunlight came as a shock to everyone when it flooded in the windows, blinding everyone for a moment. The passengers ran out of their rooms and down the train towards the dining car, the midnight lunch serving had been called off due to werewolves and everyone was starving! After his second full English breakfast Xamino glanced around the room and pointed out to the people on his table that Arkenbrien was missing, Aquila replied that she’d heard he was in the engine helping drive the train through the tunnel as quickly as possible. Xamino grabbed another plate and jogged down towards the engine to bring Arkenbrien his breakfast and thank him for getting them through the darkness.

Xamino balanced the plate carefully as he climbed around into the engine, trying carefully not to breathe in smoke and steam at the same time. As he reached the driver’s cabin he got a lungful of smoke and stumbled in wheezing and coughing. He rubbed the smoke out of his eyes and shouted in horror at what he saw: the entire engine control panel was caked in blood, some of it already baked dry by the heat and some of it still running down the walls and pooling on the floor. Blasts of heat were coming out of the boiler door, which was wedged open by a leg already burnt to a crisp above the knee.

Arkenbrien has been murdered by werewolves
Day will end in 48 hours

Train Is At: Pelinai Mountains

Freezing cold weather threatens the lives of everyone who ventures out at night. Night roles disabled.

Available Destinations:

  • Return to Panic Station (No Special Rules).
  • Return to Stonesmile Viaduct (Dead players cannot be further interacted with).
  • Return Redwater (Famous Market Town, players may buy and sell items in the town).
  • Return Maenas Pass (Chance that rocks will fall, preventing the train from moving).
  • Return to The Longest Tunnel In The World (two consecutive nights).
  • Stay at Pelinai Mountains (night roles disabled)
  • Advance to Lightspell Plains (two consecutive days)

Deceased Inventories

Parchment x 3

Medical Kit x 1

Mask x 1
Lead Bullet x 1
Paperclip x 5
Rope x 1
Vial of cloudy liquid x 1
Wolfsbane note x (see below)

Medical Kit x 1
Oil Lantern x 1
Matches x 8
Oil x 4

Wolfsbane Note Reads:

This is Wolfsbane Potion.
If you’re attacked by the wolves, you’ll be protected and one of the wolves will be randomly killed.
The potion expires in 48 hours and only lasts 24 hours once consumed, so timing is critical.
Tomorrow, try to provoke the wolves into attacking you, then drink the potion. Claiming to be someone important should be enough.
I can brew only one potion per day, and only have enough materials for 2 more potions, so don’t waste this one.
For what I can only assume are balance reasons, I can’t drink my own potions. This is why I had to involve you in my plot. We’re both taking chances on each other here, but the potential payoff is enormous.
The Alchemist


“Ah…haha… good lord, is anyone going to have some bloody moral debate between whether or we’re allowed to take the goods from the dead passengers? No, bloody good because if someone said yes at this point I would personally throw them off the train on the basis that we’ve two bloody medical kits at minimum, and some rope, but I’ll let you folks fight over a bit of that as I will take the clerical supplies meaning paper and paper clips, the lantern, the oil, and a medical kit.He would state in a rather ‘as a matter of fact’ tone, giving the impression that very little will deter him from taking what he believes will be needed.

“And before anyone even bothers saying we should head back through that DREADFUL gauntlet of death, we are going forwards to the Lightspell Plains, I do not bloody care if you think it’s safe here, because we will simply freeze to death if we don’t move. Hell the engine might fucking break down for all we know.” He grumbles as he begins the walk and bending down to grab the various items he stated earlier.

“As for this alchemist fellow, it explains most of the bloody ranting that was caused a few nights ago, gods save Cosmos’ soul. But you’ll be a FOOL to lynch someone at this time as we know for certain that the frigid cold would fell even the strongest of men or wolves should they take step outside of their cabins when the main portions of the train have stopped being heated! If anything now is the time for folks to scream at the top of their lungs for peace! For anyone who breaks it is actively working against the good folk!” Exclaims Kreydis as he waves his arms around in a Evangelical priest like manner.


We must progress to the Light Spell Plains , no surprises there.

Can we loot the corpses? I thought it was established that we couldn’t.

Also, is that vial of cloudy liquid the wolfsbane potion?

If Cosmos was poisoned I guess somebody purchased some poison at the market. We already know we’ve killed somebody with poison in their inventory before.

The tie yesterday is also suspicious.

I will return later to try and tie up some of these ends. I would like to hear from Enginish and Aquila soon.


I think the wolves may still be able to act at night, that’s what this seems to imply anyway


I have to say that I’m disappointed with @King_Cosmos, he was human and did nearly nothing to further our cause, he had information and was aware of at least 2-3 other humans, he knew the roles of most people and he blatantly deceived me even when I blindly offered to aid him without asking for much in return. He could have grouped us, now all that dies with him.

So I will give you what I’m nearly sure of @King_Cosmos was human and so is @Aquila.

Let us proceed to Light Spell Plains, a double day sounds good.


I agree. I think we should give Aquila the wolfsbane potion. She can decide what to do with it then. Apart from myself I don’t yet trust anyone else. :stuck_out_tongue:


Okay, time to share some information. I can confirm that last night there were 4 wolves active. Considering that we started with 17 players, I believe this means that we have not killed a single one yet.

I was in contact with King_Cosmos because of… reasons, therefore I believe that Enginish must die tonight. I am also all for continuing on to Lightspell Plains.


Ok, there sadly doesn’t seem to be any new concrete information. Good that we now know how many wolves are still alive … bad that they are still that numerous. I have to assume we don’t have a seer anymore or never had.

But first off. The tunnel was bad and now we’re trough, we’re three people lesser. But as I hoped. The Lightspell Plains and what lies beyond offer us a way to get that back to the wolves.

I still don’t trust this Cosmos / Enginish fiasco. I’m still not sure which one of those were human, the way the day ended and the following night I higly suspect the wolves managing to tie the voting. I think some group of humans then found out about the real alignement of Cosmos and had the capacity to poison him before he could do any more damage. It seems we don’t have any more info on alignemnts … so I guess either Arkeinbrien or Skyentist were the seer.
No matter if you believe this theory or not. It all starts with Kreydis creating a tie. I have heard that he had the capability and also acted upon it and willingfully overthrew the lynch decision. Saving both Cosmos and Enginish. I don’t see any reason a human should have done that. There is really no reason to tie the vote unless ones intention is to save a wolf.

His actions and words have been extremely suspicious from the start:
First I contacted him because he made an offer to cooperate public in Redwater. He tried to convince me to hand him over my money so he could buy something that could protect us both. Gladly I didn’t comply, as his further messages were written in a very strange way.
Further along he voted for completely random people without really giving any reasonable explanation. First countervoting Cybercritic, then shooting himself in onto the Sane for no apparent reason. And today tring to grab most of the stuff of a dead body. I think he’s trying to lay low and not be taken seriusly. But he still used his role at that critical point and right before the day ends.

I think he could do that again today or tomorrow. No matter who you think is suspicious. He may get in the way of acting and defending us against the wolves. We can’t let him hinder a lynch again.


What makes you think this?

I assume you mean the kind of seer that can identify a wolf? Enginish is / was a role seer.

Kreydis perhaps you can explain to us all why I almost got killed at the end of the day? You were the only one voting for me and yet I tied with Cosmos.

Lightspell Plains


Are you really this dense, it was a couple matters of coincidence that caused the tie, not to mention you’re the only one who’s been voting for people randomly sense the beginning to lessen the crowd of humans. Every single person you’ve EVER voted for has been human seeing as we know that there’s 4 wolves left alive. Your rate of success is 0% so screw off you wolf.

How in the hell is it suspicious? There’s literally nothing suspicious about it.

Also you’re really fucking illogical

WE KNEW NOTHING you make no sense and you’ve been voting randomly for people more so then me, take a bloody look at the first day the one where you voted your assess off for some random guy because he wanted to stay which was a damn typo and he later switched.

Do you know how the votes were counted? If not, they how do you know anything. Also Matt was voting for you until the last minute

On that note if you want Enginish dead then fucking vote for him, instead of voting for humans YOU FUCKING WOLVES. Be gone Lomsor you plotting wolf with a wrench.


But Matt wasn’t voting for me at the end of the day. Given that the miscount got me lynched I’m more inclined to believe that the vote manipulation was against me rather than in defense of Cosmos. I asked cosmos if he had anything in play to affect the lynch vote and he stated that he did not.


I had 1 vote against me. Cosmos had 2 votes against him.

1 != 2

The tie is suspicious.


Dude, I know I’m not in the game, but seriously. Can you tone it down a bit? That is not any way to talk to people on this forum, game or not.


You’re right, I’m grumpy and I didn’t even notice it. I’m going to go shove my head in the ice box.

[quote=“The_Sane, post:238, topic:850”]
1 != 2

It was never stated as far as i’m aware the people can’t secretly vote.