The Wolf Game - Panic Station - Werewolves Win!


How much are you willing to chip in? I have $30 I can spare at the moment


This is quite interesting, however, the tin foil hat part of me will have to say no. Unless we know for 100% sure that someone is a human I won’t pool them money. I especially wont help them get a gun.

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If anyone wants to send me money to expand my shovel collection it would be appreciated.


I am stepping in to a movie so I won be able to participate in the last hour of this rather unproductive day. I want to put a counter vote on The sane. If he romoves his vote I’d gladly authorize Martin remove mine. Hope everyone got some useful items today.


Woah there buddy, if you’re not voting for me you better not bold names, context isn’t a rule for voting from what I’m aware of so … Cybercritic woe is us.

“I’ve no need to explain my position to someone who would cast doubt upon someone who stayed out of the first round of having someone thrown off a train for no apparent reason. But let’s say for instance, who would you want to give the poison to? No one? Exactly, then what do we do, leave it on the ground for someone to snatch it. Best we destroy it but no one wants to grab the things because you’re all crying about little things that mean nothing. As for the chess board, pike off you sodding numbskull, almost anyone who’s no interest in chess would do exactly as you’ve said, they’d just sell it. So what, it’s not as if anyone else because a murderer and me are attempting to grab the few things left from the poor bastard.”


It was already getting dark by the time the majority of the passengers returned to the train, weighed down by bags of goods from the Redwater markets. A few people had been on the train discussing the murders, sweeping the scene and looking for clues but all that had produced was an argument about who should take money from the corpse!

As the sun began to fall below the horizon LucasFIN commented that he had thoroughly enjoyed his shopping trip to Redwater, and suggested that perhaps they should stay for another day? The crowd snapped. They had no idea who had killed LyskTrevise, but they did know that attempting to delay the train was nearly as bad! Acting as one they grabbed LucasFIN and marched him outside, ignoring his protests that it was just a suggestion, and tied him to the rails in front of the train. The last thing he would see was the train rolling forwards. Undelayed.

It Is Now Nighttime

LucasFIN has been lynched
Night will end in 24 hours


The sounds of fighting and awoke the passengers in the early morning; clashes of metal upon claw, vicious snarls and the roars of a terrible beast. The passengers cowered in their rooms in terror, wondering which poor fool was trying to fight off a werewolf. Surely no human could possibly stand a chance…

Eventually the sound stopped and a few brave passengers ventured out of their rooms. Deep red blood and fur covered the walls of the second class carriage, it seemed as if whichever brave soul had faced the beast had managed to fight it off. Surely saving someone from a dreadful fate.

It Is Now Daytime

The wolves failed to kill their target
Day will end in 48 hours

Train Is At: Maenas Pass

When the train attempts to leave Maenas pass there is a chance rocks will fall, blocking the track for the night. If this happens the train will stay at Maenas pass for another day.

Available Destinations:

  • Return to Panic Station (No Special Rules).
  • Return to Stonesmile Viaduct (Dead players cannot be further interacted with).
  • Return Redwater (Famous Market Town, players may buy and sell items in the town).
  • Stay at Maenas Pass (Chance that rocks will fall, preventing the train from moving).
  • Advance to The Longest Tunnel In The World (two consecutive nights).

Well, I didn’t see that coming…Good job whoever fought them off! I wonder if it was done with some special shovels(or the guardian role, if it exists). I’m not so sure we should advance right now, although waiting could be just as dangerous. Either way, the wolves will get 2 free kills probably™ assuming what happened the last night doesn’t happen again.

Since the game is still early, Borkis is going to assume Lucas was probably human…Its surprisingly he was lynched with only 2 votes. Where is everyone? Are you all wolves!?

Borkis is visibly unsettled by the silence

I’d like to see some discussion on whether we should proceed or not. Even if we try to, we may still be stuck here anyways. Is the doublenight worth the risk?

As for Borkis’ Lynch vote - Borkis vote for Lomsor. He led the 2 man party(Noble is also high on my suspicion list because of it) to cause his death. The vote pile reasoning is shotty at best. Borkis believes Lomsor is a wolf and is looking for any excuse to lynch anyone.

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Curse this no edit rule. Borkis didn’t see that coming* Borkis wonders how it was done* Borkis also isn’t so sure if we should advance*.


Alright chums! Let’s do this!

I spent the last few hours of the night phase in an attempt to draw out my biggest wolf suspect, Enginish. Last night I received the protective powers of the The Vigilante, and then used this opportunity to bait Enginish. I told him I needed his help with a secret ritual to identify the wolfs. I wanted to make sure Enginish knew what a big and vulnerable a target I was during this ritual. He seemed pretty aggressive about not participating. Enginish was the only person who I asked for help with this ritual, so he was the only person who could have wanted to target me for it. It seems to have worked because we survived the night without a wolf kill!

Enginish has skated by without contributing anything to actual discussion. You guys know he usually contributes much more than he has, yet now he is hesitant to share info, both IRL and on the interwebs. Even without my efforts, he shows all the signs of a wolf. Even without this plan I would still vote for him today. I’m going to be mostly unavailable for the next few hours so I wanted to make sure this got posted before I left.

I am willing to bet my life on this. Enginish is a wolf.

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Interesting! Borkis would like to hear Enginish’s side of the story before swapping votes.

My current suspects are Cyber, Lomsor, Noble, and Topper.

Borkis has been wrong before though, and there are many that are simply being quiet(including Borkis through the previous day) It seems we were all busy over the weekend and that the wolves are taking advantage of the silence.


I’m going to add some RP I meant to add last night, then hit the sack.

[quote]WAIT FOR ME!!!

As the carriage doors closed, the pellucid cloaked figure squeezed through the disappearing crack. *Something* was in the *quite* large satchel he carried on his back.

Clearly disgruntled, the small figure burst into a diatribe:

I can’t BELIEVE the inconsideration of the people here. I mean, I make one small ‘mistake’ while giving an overly-pampered babe a manicure, a FREE one, mind you, and BOOM! Suddenly you’re public enemy number one!

Clearly, the other passengers were not wholly convinced that the problem that the rouge figure was describing was the one that mattered.

The illusion quickly disappeared into his room, not to be heard (at least coherently - was that chanting?) for the rest of the evening.



I have a very good explanation that I’m willing to back up with lengthy transcripts.
Here’s the semi-short version:
If I were a wolf, killing Cosmos at night would be a bad move. Mostly because he was behaving so astonishingly erratically and playing so badly that lynching him would be an easy feat… Something I was planning on accomplishing today, in fact.

Put yourself in my shoes. Day one, Cosmos grills me for information. I tell him I have a potentially important role, but refuse to elaborate. This gets me suspicious.

If, next morning, you find that your role has been confiscated, what do you do?

Do you, A: Tell him all about your role, which he again, repeatedly and unsolicitedly asks you about?

Or do you, B: Refuse to cooperate on any so-called critical plans because you don’t trust him? Maybe you ask about his role in exchange for information on yours, which, you guessed it, he refuses to talk about?

What about when he asks you, with 30 minutes left in the night, for a potentially important, literally priceless item you have, which you never even told him about?
Do you give it to him even though he won’t say anything about why he needs it?
What about when he says he needs to sacrifice it in a ritual??
And when he finally says that it will somehow magically mark all of the wolves, do you just roll over and say, “yeah, that’s probably legit” or do you say, “I’m not participating in this incredibly shady plan?”

If I were a wolf, this would be what I’d consider the easiest lynch case of my life. I’d kill someone random then just reveal all of his clumsiness and get him deservedly killed.

He never, ever gave me any incentive at all to trust him with sensitive information, then gets incensed when I refuse to supply it.
Before today, his actions simply screamed, ‘I’m a wolf!’ Now, I see I was mistaken: he’s not a wolf, just once again drunk on power with what’s clearly an enormously powerful role.

And come on, how can you say, ‘he’s a usually active player who isn’t saying much’ when literally no one said anything of substance before today? Matt? He’s barely said anything. Sane? Nope. Lucas? Nope. There was nothing important to say so I said nothing. I even told everyone before the game started that I’m working a 9 to 5 job with no internet access or reliable cell phone reception!

Like I said, transcripts later, but I have to transcribe most of it from texts, and I’m out and doing stuff at the moment. Some of the above occurred in conversation, but since Cosmos is probably human he’ll back it up. He has no reason to lie.


Cosmos is being paranoid, making poor logical leaps, and isn’t thinking through his decisions. I believe he is just failing to see interactions from the perspective of other players.


^^ interesting stuff is interesting.

I’m going to be away for a few days. I’ll try and check in but I may have to resort to using my crap 4 year old smart phone to get on the forum.

I’m hoping someone got something to help stave off the darkness while in Redwarter. It’s probably not worth going back for anything right now as that will just add an extra night on our journey anyway.

Question: Do we get a chance of rockfall and 2 consecutive nights every time we pass through these stops (say if we want to revisit Redwarter later).

I wont vote on destination yet in case anyone has a good ideas for buying items and I’m not available to change my vote.


I thought the same about Cise last game… Oh how wrong I was. T.T


That tunnel seems even worse than this pass. earlier i was hoping there would be something good past maenas, but nope. someone should have bought a map. I think we should keep going forward on the assumption that if we reach the end we might reach some kind of, if not a win conditions, something very helpful. Longest Tunnel

Cosmos’ plan based on enginish’s account doesnt seem very, uh, sane, but enginish doesnt seem to think he’s a wolf either, just being mislead. Sane probably wont like this, but he’s acting a bit strangely, and i think he leaked a bit of information to me he wasnt supposed to. From what i’ve gleaned of the situation behind the scenes, enginish contacted sane about suspicions he held against cosmos lastnight, likely due to that probably nonexistant find all wolves and win the game ritual thing. Cosmos is accusing enginish of attacking him lastnight, but, why would a wolf air suspicions on someone they are about to kill? That’s an easy way to get yourself into a jam, enginish is usually a pretty solid player, i doubt he would do that. So, we have a different conclusion to make.

What i think occurred was that cosmos laid this trap, but has been in contact with another third party who is actually a wolf. This person would have then attacked cosmos in the night in order to create the appearance that this plan had worked. I think that person is sane based on my communications with him on steam up until now, we’ve been chatting since the start of the game(as we usually do). I pressured him for additional information just now, he didnt elaborate but from what i’ve gleaned sane doesnt really want the info that enginish contacted him about cosmos to get out. My conclusion is thus, Sane is a wolf misleading cosmos. Or at the very least, sane is a wolf coordinating with a different wolf in order to manipulate cosmos.

Cosmos, does this ring any bells with your experience so far?

The sane


Alright, well this is interesting, Cosmos is now a confirmed human and he probably knows who the Vigilante/Guardian is. That trap he set did hit a wolf, however the Enginish-Sane connection just complicates things, I’m guessing that one of them is a wolf, assuming nobody else had knowledge of the trap.

As for our next stop, we managed to avoid a death last night, so we are a life up at this moment, so there is no better time to proceed to The Longest Tunnel.


I am replying on the wifi at a motorway services. Replying on my phone just flat out doesnt work. I have had no contact with Cosmos. Enginish passed on his suspicion and i passed mine on to matt. Matt voting for me the moment after i told him i was leaving makes defending myself difficult and drawing the conclusion that I was in contact with Cosmos seems a bit random.


I implied pretty heavily that i thought you were a wolf, but then you said you had to go and asked me not to murder you (uh), i didn’t intend you to be gone at the time but my post was already half written so, oh well.