The Wolf Game - Exterminatus - Sign Ups Open (11/17)

Perhaps a psyker priest of the emperor who claims to channel the emperor’s will?

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That could work

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I have a confession: I’ve never actually played a 40k game, and only know the roughest outline of how it works.

That said,

I’m in.

I’m not sure what to role play as. I’ll do some research and see what I come up with.:smile:

Oh that won’t be a problem. It’s only the theme for the roleplay, knowledge of the game definitely not important!

Have some reference reading for 40k :wink:

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I’m in.

I’ll play the role of a relatively fresh Techmarine, only having returned from mars in the last years. Reunited with my chapter I seem, like most Techmarines, to praise allegiance to both: my Chapter and the Omnissiah.

In reality though, something in the teachings on Mars grabbed me, a loophole, something that is unnoticed by even the most wise of the Tech-Priests. Their fixation on persistence, constancy of … certainty made them blind for the true nature of the Machine God as his true form is the omnipotent RNGsiah!

What is the local Chapter?


Having seen his share of battles, the commissar Tjafaas does not fear the Imperial Exterminatus. He knows the space marines will do what it takes to cut the spreading of the chaos infection right from its embryonic stage.

Originally, Tjafaas came all the way from Cadia on the forge world Kalia to supervise the recruting and training of new Imperial Guards. Those weak disciplined worlds have yet to see their true battle to come.
But now, he’s stranded on this planet with his regiment. Has the Emperor forgotten them? Surely not. The traitors must be found. However, he has never experienced civil panic of this magnitude before.

If it was up to him, he’d already blew away the stench of cowardice from those useless civil administratives and decree an even stricter curfew. Unfortunately, his actions are for now limited to his regiment, which thankfully seems to be unaffected by the wave of panic. They will obey.

Still, this psychological warfare is quite new to him…

A single sentence formed in his mind:
I’m in.

Making a game in the Warhammer 40K universe? Count me in!
I will have to read some of the previous Wolf games to better understand some of the strategies behind it. If I understand correctly, the imperials will try to follow bread crumb trails given by either the GM or careless chaos agents to guess who’s who? And the writing during the day is to test one another?

Anyway, I don’t mind being in either camp.

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Every night the person who is killed was definitely imperial (chaos cannot murder other chaos during the night). So as the game progresses you start to gain hard information about who was an imperial. It’s then down to special roles and careless chaos agents.

That doesn’t sound like a lot to go on, but it usually ends quite close to either side winning until the last couple of days as the chaos ramps up and some big event swings it one way or the other.

Psyker it is for me. I’ll see if I can come up with some RP later on (difficult given I’m not that well versed in 40K)

Also, please add your RP advice to the OP, in case it is of any use to anyone considering joining the game

I suppose rping as a deamon isn’t a good idea… :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, depends on whether you want to make it through the first night. It wouldn’t be the first time someone’s got lynched based off their roleplay.


Whilst I’m at it, summoning @LyskTrevise, @Cise, @mattk50, @LucasFIN/ @LucasFIN1

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I wonder when the last time that happene…

Oh… oh boy… I don’t know about you folks. But I’m up for playing as a madman

Edit: Why didn’t you add me? Is I’m asteroid not good enough for you? I’m in okay.

I’m in as the slightly homicidal Krieg imperial guard officer. I’ll get to Roleplaying when I’m ready to kill for the emperor.

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I’ve been waiting for this. Currently out of town I’ll come up with role play when I get back.

I’m in!

Edit: @Kreydis but you were a wolf! I think it was a good lynch :wink:

I was, but the plan was the dumbest thing I’ve read in a long time honestly. Especially considering the planes and the boat. Also questioning someone literally last hour is some pretty hardcore evil stuff.

My vacation ends tomorrow :confused: I would like to join in but I will probably just end up being very inactive.

I know nothing about WH40K, so…

Another Universe to drop in, I thought that the multi-dimensional gate testing would have been long done by now, but no, it’s still not fit for commercial use. Another damn Universe to collect data in and ensure that no anomalies can cause feedback into our own Universe. I just hope that the dammed administration allows smoking in buildings this time, maybe it’s a plant world, that would be nice, nice and relaxing. Let’s see what is on the other side of this gate, 3-2-1. Multidimensional Engineer

As per usual, I have created a SHA256 from Martins post to be used as a seed for RNG if required, that’s 8 keys, it should be enough. For additional security, the key used will need to have Martin’s first word written after the RNG list has been created appended to it.

b0b73dbc a1054f6c f54608c9 8277f6eb 7567a598 595d9fb5 38cdca06 388c6b19

File Used

Ok, a brief summary of the Warhammer 40K universe for those who don’t want to go deep down the rabbit hole of the glorious Imperial history.


We’re in the 41st millennium during which time the Imperium of Man is waging a constant, never ending, galaxy wide war against numerous threats to our galactic dominance and/or our basic survival as a species.

Aside from conventional threats (i.e. aliens that want to eat our faces) there is a powerful element of Chaos in the universe, which is a reflection & concentration of the emotions of all living beings, and Chaos is represented by several Chaos Gods which live in The Warp, which is slightly analogous to Subspace, but it allows for ships to travel within it. That said, The Warp is an exceptionally unstable and dangerous place which can destroy or corrupt ships and the minds and bodies of those within it.

The Imperium of Man - A highly xenophobic, theocratic and authoritarian body that spans literally millions of words and trillions of citizens. Their military has two main divisions, the Imperial Guard, constructed mainly of conscripts from various Imperial worlds, are largely “human” in the traditional sense and are analogues to modern soldiers with somewhat better equipment.

The other division is the Adeptus Astartes, aka Space Marines, genetically engineered supermen who posess astonishingly powerful weapons and who, themselves, are devastatingly powerful. We’re talking about guys who are 7 or 8ft tall, 500lbs of screaming muscle with specially designed organs that allow them insane levels of survivability and massively enhanced combat capabilities.
They traditionally wear powered armor that makes them, literally, walking tanks. The “leader” of the IOM is ostensibly the God-Emperor of Mankind, a super-being and psychic of unimaginable power.

Only problem is he was betrayed and mortally wounded thousands of years ago, and the only way he’s kept alive is in a gigantic device (the Golden Throne) on Earth (known as Holy Terra) which is kept running by feeding it other living psychics (conventionally known as Psykers in this universe) who are gravely mistrusted because they can be easily compromised by Chaos(more on this later).
As such, he’s not exactly an active administrator. His largest contribution now is threefold; he lights the Astronomicon, a psychic guide that allows human ships to navigate the Warp semi-safely, he gives aid to those in battle (generally by possessing them or giving them visions/strength/etc) and he’s constantly fighting the influences of the Chaos Gods of the Warp, trying to keep them from corrupting us all.

Praise be to the God Emperor, for His is the only Light in the vast Dark.

Original rundown here.


Therefore, @Arkenbrien, creating a “demonic” character is out of the question because it is impossible in the current state of events… in a pure roleplay point of view.

Because there is already a chaotic sorcerer (can be any psychic individual, to be fair), any citizen could possibly have been subdued to his/her chaotic taint. Though with his sadistic nature, he often have a preference for trying to corrupt other psychic humans once his/her cult is going strong.

If you want a rundown of possible roleplay characters, I can help in that matter.


So does mine. I’m probably only going to be able to join in outside of work hours (which works fine for me as I’m in the same timezone/country as Martin)

What about a time traveling daemon? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well, one could imagine that a lesser demon of Tzeentch, Chaos God of Change, could already be summoned on the planet. He’s certainly the one that relishes cunning, schemes and shape-shifting to some extent.

However, you’d still have to play as a seemingly ordinary (or of some importance) imperial citizen to interact with the other players and not be immediatley cut into pieces by the imperials.

Or if you want a “time travelling daemon”, you can always consider roleplaying a “Dr. Who” whose Tardis somehow got him out of his “standard universe”… because you know, people assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but actually from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint - it’s more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly… time-y wimey… stuff.