The (previously forever) patch has been released!

If you are a Developer Access backer you can now download the patch formerly known as forever by visiting the Battlescape website while logged into your I-Novae account ( It should automatically detect your access level and a “DOWNLOAD” button will be front and center if you’re able to download it.

Known Issues:

  1. One user has reported problems with logging in via username and password. So far he seems to be the only one having a problem.
  2. The very first time you login with the new launcher you will probably need to close it and restart it before you can install/play I:B.
  3. The launcher still needs a lot of work. For now it’s pretty much only good for installing and launching I:B and not much else.

@INovaeFlavien will follow up soon with the full patch release notes. Please let us know if you experience any problems and thanks to those on Discord who were the initial guinea pigs!


Arg, I can’t play yet ! But i’m very excited to finally discover by myself what I was reading every week in the weekly updates.


First observations - very nice! The stations are great and it’s nice having more stuff to visit. I have had to turn my mouse sensitivity all the way up though because default needed too much movement of the hand!
The atmospheres seem orders of magnitude better than last time in terms of flight mechanics.

Only negative I noticed so far in my brief session was during my dogfight with Hutchings, where his ui targeting icon became detached a couple of times from his actual ship before springing back. I suspect some kind of netcode lag. And I know it’s not a new thing for other players to appear to jump around a bit, so it’s not even a specific criticism of this build!

Good work though. I shall explore more when I get back from my travels!


Have not had time to check everything out yet.

Had a short stint at work this morning and it’s looking awesome so far.

Will get back into it tonight.


I think this is what happens when your ship’s sensors loose track of a target. Your hud shows its last known location till they spot it again.

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Ah, did not know this. When it comes round to UI development, they should probably make that clear by changing the colour or a little “lost target” icon or something :slightly_smiling: But I know that’s further down the line.

Edit: @INovaeKeith Is this supposed to be here? :smile: I think enabling oceans might have pushed all the fixed place meshes into the air…
Edit 2: Yep, just checked by turning ocean off again and Solus 17 is grounded again!


My first impressions:
Looks fantastic on my new 1070, never drops below 60 FPS maxed out, although we always have to remember that there isn’t exactly much going on in terms of combat and ships on screen ATM.
Either way, I absolutely adore the detail in the terrain geometry.

Regarding the atmospheric flight model:
Feels better than the old super sluggish drag, however I still really miss the body lift mechanic from the initial release. It made the flight mechanics a lot more engaging and provided some contrast to spaceflight that this version is sorely missing.
Cinder (the volcanic moon) has an extremely dense atmosphere and therefore you are still limited to something in the ballpark of 450m/s when boosting with the interceptor. It’s extremely slow by the standards of this game and IMO makes things a bit boring. I miss flying through the half-molten canyons at breakneck speed (at 20FPS due to my card at the time).

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I did just discover in the fighter that switching power to propulsion actually helps quite well now. Ship speed can be pushed higher in atmosphere in that mode.

Edit: nope, I stand (sit) corrected. Propulsion makes no difference on Cinder. Clearly the atmosphere is too thick to go much faster.


Launcher isn’t working for me either.

*Nvm, signed in with my gmail account instead. :slight_smile:

Strange, i’ve logged into that page but it still says PLEDGE NOW instead of BETA NOT RELEASE YET.

Hey Keith, thanks for getting that patch out - I did get on in the end. Not sure why but no longer will save in partitioned file…no biggy really since I got it on C drive. Probably something I missed.

As for the update: FAN-BLOODY-TASTIC!!! Starting to really feel like space now. And love the designs - well done!


That’s because you’re a Lunar Supporter and you aren’t allowed to play the game yet.

Yeah, i kinda thought that there was something wrong with my account. Perhaps an UPGRADE YOUR PLEDGE button would make more sense instead since i’ve already pledged (IS the pledge upgrading even working already?).

Upgrading isn’t working yet, that’s why it doesn’t say that :stuck_out_tongue:


The game is really coming along nicely. I can’t wait for the implementation of more weapons, teamplay etc.
Can we expect the first version of an asteroid anytime soon (next two months)?

We have asteroids… which asteroids are you referring to?

The huge procedually generated ones that were showcased in a video.

Which video? We currently don’t have any plans to add procedural asteroids to I:B due to time/budget limitations.


Ah ok, that’s a giant asteroid which is actually using our procedural planet generator. We haven’t made a final decision one way or another as to whether or not we’re going to include something like that. We probably aren’t going to start adding additional planets until 2017 so it’s currently TBD.