The One Word Story


Finally, when Smurfs and non-dairy products were eating, inconceivably fabulous elven Firetruck-rider cultists arrived, solid and floppy substances estranged anti-establishment hysteria over unicorns, and sick ocelots mated peanut butter filled pumas with roombas. But violently voracious elves quickly rescinded the peace treaty and all roombas simultaneously exploded, revealing the desiccated chocolate alterations, bombastically yet subtlety quiet. Sweet pineapple-pizza marmalade loving hobgoblins licked violently at fake gods, while fast yet quick morsels undulated fetchingly further away, and hungry ocelots agree food tastes angry and ridiculously smurffy when sprinkled.
Licking, inappropriately, yet ironically, bitter hyenas left huge flame-resistant replies etched deeply into cardboard fireproofing. However 84 firetrucks prepared freshly-licked cookies, deliciously fighting.
Crumbs flailing enticingly around, psychotic chewing ensues, when pointy elbowed fruit-engorged mice discovered pineapple-laced technology fainted. Scared, the pineapple-transporter-technology-operator licked mice-activated firetrucks. Fifteen mice sacrificed their slightly-elongated genitals gingerly. Completely confirming previously archaic suspicions, Trans-Dimensional Nutella worshipers spat vertebra-plated backbone-infused strawberry whippersnappers, as snobbish dolts often sniffed, “We disapprove whole-heartedly of mice-activated vertebra-plated backbone-infused strawberry whippersnappers being upheld as the paragons of firetruck licking, yet understand completely the need for pineapple-pizza hatred, kept alive by thousands of screaming licorice eating licker-crazed lickerbots.” Meanwhile; bacon-flipping psychedelic firetruck-belching Decept-A-Cons deceived, bamboozled, and befuddled multiple suzerains, toppling the benevolent overload of space LOLz. Who, upon realization, constructed Autobots that pirouetted expertly, Tantalizing smurfs to fight, to Bat-Walrus expertise offensively offending THE OFFENDERS ©, because Bat-Walruses smell Smurfey!!! Smurfey Bat-Walruses hate deplorable smells. Sewage smells smelled smurfey smurffs, supposedly sniffing succulent succulents. Meanwhile, opposing tongues battle linguistically, cunningly dismissing succulent licks of boldly clinging arguments logomanish. Sparkling