T16000M FCS button layout


I use this setup for IB… Since there is by default a profile for the T16000 FCS included in IB I mapped the numbers that IB assigns to each button (red numbers).
Then I checked the T16000 FCS keybindings layout and have put the commands beside the corresponding buttons.

My first controller is the T16000 second is the throttle.

Beside the default layout I I only have added button Warp(2),Radar(14),autoassist(16) and scan frequencies (17,18)
There is a full layout and a template that you can use.

I am a newbie ,so don’t ask me difficult questions…I just hope that somebody can find this usefull.


The empty configuration sheet was made by CMDR Bezdi ; I just added the buttonlayout.

Hope this helps.


That kind of configuration sheet is very useful. I wish we had something like this for all HOTAS :wink:

We’ll revamp the controls and unify the control schemes at some point in the not-too-far distant future, so keep in mind everything will be subject to changes.


Ok understood. I also have a warthog joystick but without the throttle…so…:slight_smile:

Keep in mind ,but you probably already know,that dual joysticks for space sims are probably the best way to go.(in my opinion).
Some explanation can be found here : (it is for starcitizen) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-La1sWURDAU

I already used dual joysticks for Elite dangerous and Star citizen and it seems so much more immersive.(but that’s my personal opinion)

If you use for example the cheaper T16000 from thrustmaster you can combine them to one virtual joystick
(see attachment examples with 1 warthog and one T16000).
This means no special development from your side is needed;the program just sees one joystick …

2 joysticks

Hope this helps.