Super Cool Video!

I was just checking out different Youtube videos and came accross this - so cool!

Edit: Thought I would add some music to give it a kind of Battlestar Galactica feel:


I agree, looks neat. Its good to see that people are already busy messing around with the config files to modify the game.


Yeah! I’m not really a modder myself, more of a tinkerer. It’s interesting to see what others have managed to achieve even at this very early stage.

I’ll be very disappointed if in the next year or so I’m not able to fly about the system in a heavily armed sofa with atmospheric shielding! :slightly_smiling:

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Well the planet generator config files are all in pretty simple English. It feels like it’s been designed to be used by artists rather than coders. You know exactly what changes you’ll make with edits so it’s super simple to mod the game, even for a total novice like me. :smiley:

Only trouble is knowing in advance what scale is being used for each number value, revolutions per minute or speed at surface? Height in kilometres or hundreds of meters? Which colour system is being used? Pretty sure that’ll all be in a wiki somewhere (if one’s not out there already).


Would it be possible to tinker with the gravity, to have a world which would require some effort to lift off from?

I haven’t seen a way of doing that yet, (it’s not in the planet config) but you can set the planet’s size so tiny that the gravity pulls you in like a black-hole when you get close to it, or so large the surface gravity is negligible. :wink:

Were cool video

in this case, is there a mass / radius option in that config file?

there’s a radius option to change the planet’s size, but not the mass to change it’s gravity yet (that I saw).

You guys are wrong …


Huh, guess I missed it.
*Oh, different file and file location… well this looks fun. :smiley:

**There’s a friction setting… SLEDDING TIME!


No you can’t make the gas giant a terrestrial planet. :cry: :stuck_out_tongue:

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Tried copy and paste? :wink:

Yep tried all kinds of different combinations. I think the right one crashes the game on startup. Changing the planet type to terrestrial and adding the needed parameters.

But go ahead and try. Maybe you’ll get it to work, or other things too.

going to try a frictionless planet for sliding down mountains first, maybe later!

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Would it be possible to tweak the settings to create a neutron star sort of object, with really high surface gravity, requiring the use of warp to get of the surface?

get to the surface… of something with the gravity of a neutron star…


Interesting to see gravity being set directly rather than implied through size and mass.

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