Storyline in Battlescape and Infinity

Will the storyline in Battlescape be a prelude to the MMO? I understand that story might not be the main focus but i would love there to be some sort of “Living Story” content similar to how Guild Wars 2 is doing, which eventually would lead into the MMO story.

For example, Battlescape could be the era of space when humanity was struggling in our Solar system before we discovered interstellar drives. Warp drives to fly around our planetary neighborhood are still impractical and are not mass-linear in terms of power required (for explanation’s sake). This would be the feudal era of conflict and stagnation with the existing factions struggling for resources in war.

Assuming the game is financially successful so as to lead into the MMO game the story would progress in such a way that at the end interstellar drives are discovered and players would “finally” be able to explore the stars and the MMO game starts. Battlescape’s story would end right before that event and Infinity would start at that moment.

Waddaya think?

Yes, the Battlescape story will be consistent with the MMO story.


I guess the story will be unveiled at the Kickstarter.

Does anyone have a backup of that old web diary with history of Geodesa ?

It will be unveiled once we launch the Battlescape website which will be right before the Kickstarter.

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