Stop using traditional graphics tools

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Sooo …
Any suggestions for “unconventional” graphic tools ?
Why swear like an angry undead by the way ? :sunny:

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Didn’t we kinda have this discussion allready?

So I can use a cammera to make images bigger then 512x512 … or is that ruled out by your better judgement too?

… So, was this meant as an insult because it’s something you expect women to do, or was this meant as an insult because it’s something you expect gay men to do?

Either way, it has no place here. Or anywhere.

Except nightclubs that cater to such conversation.

Or indeed such activities

I used to have a can of the spotted verity. A bad misspelling of dik-dik? Or were you referring to Richard?

And last I checked, this ain’t a night club.

No, but the joke is funny.

Shit, really?


Damn I missed original post, what’s this all about?

Indicable thinks traditional graphic tools like Photoshop or Gimp are obsolete, may they be raster or vector based and said no one should use them for anything larger then 512x512. He also didn’t give any alternative or explanation for his judgement. Then he insulted anyone who may want an explanation for his reasoning in advance.
Oh and he said that this wasn’t aimed at Inovae but just thrown in the room.

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I see; so business as usual from Indicable. On topic I’ve been playing with Substance painter and Quixel Suite (Ddo, Ndo) at work with decent results. It takes a lot of the legwork you needed to go through in Photoshop and gets the texture about 75% there, which requires only a refinement pass using ‘traditional graphics tools’. Photoshop still remains and will remain a staple for industry artists for many many reasons.

Wait, I recall that Blender actually has a painting capability. That would be unconventional.

I vaguely recall someone in the old forums who kept getting banned for this kind of thing then remade his account a few times. Is this the same person? What was that guy’s name anyways, it’s been awhile.


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That flag must have been pornographic!!!

Good old Georgie?


Doesn’t Photoshop allow you to load a model and paint it? Pretty sure it does.

Kichae you know that makes no sense, even woman and gay men are insulted by that.

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critic, the question is if they feel insulted by that. I sure don’t, and I’m not even a woman, nor a homosexual. Then again I don’t feel insulted by most things. :slight_smile:

On an other note, I’d like to point out that (although I enjoy a little variety on the forums) I feel like these kind of threads could give a bad impression to possible newcomers, and should be kindly locked. Possibly before they end up like pretty much every other thread of our friendly OP.