Stellar Supporter + Dev Access

I have the Planetary Supporter + Alpha and if I buy Stellar Supporter + Dev Access Can I update?

Just wait they talk about upgrade perks.


What do you mean “get off your package”? If memory serves, any upgrade in your pledge will keep your previous “perks”, so if you decide to go on “Stellar supporter”, your perks on “Planetary Supporter” still apply.
Is that what you’re asking about?

Sadly there currently is no way to upgrade your package yet.

Currently you can only buy a separate new packages at the higher price. Not upgrade.

They are building the account system that will handle upgrades soon. I’m assuming in the next month or so?

$ 275USD - $ 110USD = $ 165USD. I think it would be just that.

Correct, but I haven’t seen any way to deduct the price of your existing pledge. That is what will come soon with the new account system.

Soon when? In October I will have automatic access and no longer need.

We’re working on getting it ready as soon as possible for just that reason!

Thank you.