Stargem-starconflict mechanics description

after a elite russian star conflict clanner made himself look bad and by proxy the game i felt it made sense for someone who is more neutral to outline some of things about the game ill start simple than edit to add more detail later so i dont kill myself.

classes and subclasses

The game is made up of 4 classes interceptors, fighters, frigates, destroyers. They are subdivided into subclasses

  • interceptors: ECM, recon, spec ops
  • fighters: gunship, tackler, command
  • frigates: long range, engineering, guard
  • destroyers: suppersor class

the classes determine a ships basic characteristic while the subclass gives it it’s gameplay role the basic idea for the classes would be as follows(all hps are ballpark averages)

  • interceptors: smallest and most agile can easily hit speed cap lowest hp (9000 total)
  • fighters: medium sise still very agile can hit speed cap medium amount of hp (15000 total)
  • frigates: large very slow and very lethargic large amount of hp (22000 total)
  • destroyers: even slower and lethargic better firing arcs huge hp (200,000 total)

as you see pretty boring and basic now for the sub classes gameplay summary


  • ECM: meant to disrupt enemy team operation through stuns energy drain etc
  • recon: main scout has sensor range speed bonus and a micro warp
  • spec-ops: heavy burst damage meant to kill one important thing than run


  • gunship: meant to kill everything while using special module and be hidden while not
  • tackler: meant to hunt and kill interceptors
  • command: passive buff team and help lead attacks


  • longrange: snipe anything you can actually hit
  • engineer: heal everybody
  • guard: buff team defense and tank damage yourself

destroyer -suppresor class: provide heavy supporting firepower and not die in the process

passive bonuses

in the game you can have up to 15 passive slots depending on the ship rank 1-17 and if it’s a special ships like a premium, special project, or alien hybrid. of the 15 passives you can have 5 categorys with 3 each they go as follows: Engines, Capacitor, Hull, Shield, Computer. the bonuses a passive can give do vary greatly but they all relate to their category, are always passive, and give dimising returns if stacked. A example is the auxillary shield projector which increases your shields base hp by 20%

additionally you also have crew skills which allow for another 15 total passive buffs which come from 1 pick out of a group of 3. A example is picking between 30% accuracy increase, 30% more critical damage, or 7% improved base damage

active modules

Ships also have 5 active modules which always starts with the special module. the special module is unique to your subclass and is the essential ability for your class to do it’s basic job. with the 4 active slots you have generic modules and unique ones for your subclass. The active modules are much more powerfull than the passive ones, but take energy too activate and then go on cooldown usually for at least half a minute. a example is the plasma lance on the specops interceptor which gives you a plasma sword on the front of your ship for 6 secounds which does up to 15,000 total damage.

game modes

The main gamemode is the skirmish which can be played with either players or ai on the enemy team it itself is subdivided into diffrent objective based game types

  • Team Deathmatch-all players pick from up to 4 loadout ships and continusly respawn and kill things until a team runs out of respawns up to 50 for higher tiers

  • beacon capture-3 beacons are on the map which need to be captured by being close first team to reach 900 points wins

  • beacon hunt-beacons are located on the map one will become active for about a minute then switch allowing it to be captured depleting the enemy teams points until 0 making them lose the activated beacon order is always a-b-c-a-b-c and is never random

  • detonation-both teams have 3 uncapturable stations which can only be destroyed by a bomb, 2 bombs spawn in the middle require being close to picked up slow you down and must be delivered to the enemy station to destroy it

  • recon-both teams have a captain and unlimited respawns, the captain has +50% damage and can see everyone on the map at all times, and if killed disables it’s respective teams respawns

  • survival-deathmatch but all players do 3 times damage

PVP specific

PVE specific
This is all for now i will later go back edit and add more things as i get in the mood too do so possibly also get screenshots thanks for reading


And what is your Post for? ) I have been playing Star Conflict since 2013. If anyone needs to talk about the mechanics of this game, then me. Here is a link to my channel, to the ship’s feats, as well as the manner of battle, I released these videos for my young players, having my own corporation you need to take care of young pilots. Ask questions.