Starfighter Inc. just relaunched their Kickstarter

Hey everyone,

Impeller Studios just relaunched the Starfighter Inc. kickstarter.

Looks like full VR support.

Check it out at: (for some reason the link is pulling up their intro video)

But you can find them on kickstarter.


Just hit a space (or several) before the link to stop the autoload.

I was just wondering when they would launch this.

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I know nothing about this game but I just stumbled across their ama on reddit…still confused why ours wasn’t allowed but whatever.


Hmm… that hired spaceship engineer quote and others feels very familiar…especially here… hmm.
Seems nice…but
Unfortunately i have not seen that something that would hit me …in a way. You know.

Because the Inovae devs forgot to bribe the reddit mods. Guess starfighter guys used their marketing budget wisely.


Wow what a load of bs. Reddit is such a corrupt platform.


So i liked a lot of what these devs have shown so did a bit more reading through the kickstarter page before backing.

Free to play.

See that thing that shot out of the building through the window? It was traveling almost too fast to tell, but I think it was my interest in backing their project.


This. I’ll play it when it’s free :stuck_out_tongue:

I probably won’t. After watching their livestream it’s pretty clear the only realistic thing about the game is the look of the ships. Short ranges, slow speed limits, tiny map, absolute 0 base-speed with everything locked in place, no accounting for gravity or orbital physics and there might not even be limited fuel.


I didn’t think the ships looked particularly realistic - they look aerodynamic and pointy.
My first impression from the KS video was that they’re going for a detailed damage model and using thermodynamics as a gameplay mechanic, and apart from that they’re just throwing “realistic” and “hard science” around as marketing.

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Being pointy’s good for defence. Pity about the big glass blob on it.

The ships remind me of Starfox. They should change tac and do a hard scifi version of that IP :stuck_out_tongue:

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I like the way this ship looks a lot. But overall Infinity: Battlescape has the better looking lineup :sunglasses:

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“you’re becoming more like your father”