Social Media Thunderclap Battlescape

Hi all,

New here and trying to help out spreading the word. How about we do a Thunderclap to promote Battlescape? In case you never heard of it, more info here:

Assuming that 50% of Kickstarter backers would join the cause, and that they would each have 150 unique friends/followers/fans, we would reach an audience of 218,025 people in one go.


As I never heared of thunderclap before, I just read about it and want to summarize what it does:

We need to get at least 500 participants, to give the thunderclap plattform access to their social media accounts like twitter. When 500 is reached, the owner of the campaign can use the accounts of the 500 participants to spread messages to a huge audience. A bit like a DDoS :wink:
This has been invented based on observations at protests where the leader dictates a hook-line and the crowd repeats it.

I am not sure if this will help the kickstarter, but I would participate for sure.

Pricesely so! :smile: I’m thinking we could either use this to keep momentum, or for a last push towards the end of the campaign.

It’s effectively the opposite of a DDoS.

A DDoS uses multiple systems to attack a single system. Thunderclap apparently uses one system to reach multiple systems, or rather a single entity is used to manipulate multiple systems.

It’s more like a DUoS (Distributed Usage of Service).