Small craft balance/roles

So I was thinking about how small craft could distinguish themselves from one another to enable different tactics and playstyles.
Here’s what I came up with:

Interceptors: One word: Acceleration. Interceptors could be designed to be able to chase down or run from almost anything using powerful main engines. It would make them ideal for hit and run attacks on soft targets, recon, etc.

Fighters, if they make it in: More dogfight oriented, fighter engines would be less focused on a powerful main drive, emphasising RCS instead so that they can rely on maneuverbility to survive in direct combat. In (my) theory, a fighter that can reliably dodge incoming fire like that would be far more effective at point defense and escorting than an interceptor.

Bombers: I imagine bombers would heavily rely on hit and run tactics: Find a target, accelerate to some obscene speed and then launch your payload so that it’s gonna be going at your target with such speed that it’ll be very hard to avoid. In atmosphere, the whole canyon running thing would probably be a common tactic (oh boy!)

Corvette: I can imagine two sorts of roles for this thing. One would involve strapping some big guns to it to engage a big target with sustained, close up fire. The other would be a sort of atmosperic escort role. In dense atmospheres where rotating your ship to face a chasing enemy will strongly affect your vector(i.e. send you careening into a mountain), a corvette with turrets that can cover the rear of a formation of bombers or so would come in handy.

So those are my thoughts. How bout you guys?


Not so sure about the “obscene speed” for a bomber: if spoted, they should be intercepted by… well, the interceptors :smile:

Unless this speed takes time to build up, more than other “light” ships and that this speed doesn’t allow more than stiff course change.


What I think he means is that if the bombers have a powerful alpha strike, they could act as lancers in space. Build up speed through conventional thrusters, make a high speed flyby of their target while unloading as much ammo as they can and avoiding enemy fire and then keep going to avoid retaliation. There are many problems and counter strategies to this strategy, but it might be viable in some cases.