Sketchfab Integration


I mentioned this a loooong time ago on the old forums, but I would still really like to see this implemented!

There is a html5/WebGL plugin called Sketchfab*.

Sketchfab is a place where you can upload your 3D models. What’s special is that after it uploads it allows you to explore the model in 3D from your web browser.

Another bit of good news is that it’s free, though it is limited to file sizes of up to 50MB. Of course, there are several Subscription Options you can sign up for to allow bigger uploads.

This would be a very cool way to show off ships and other assets.

Maybe a Kickstarter goal…


*Honestly, I don’t have the foggiest whether html5 or WebGL is used here or not, or whether it would be easy to integrate.

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I do have plans to do something similar to this as a part of our modding support for I:B and our eventual release of a public SDK. The more money we raise with our Kickstarter the more likely that happens sooner rather than later as the largest blocker would likely be doing all of the web frontend stuff to make it pretty and easy to access. Porting the rendering part of our tech to WebGL for a simple viewer like that should theoretically be fairly straightforward as we obviously already have a very robust game engine.


Awesome, thanks.

Wow, awesome.
Keith, I hope you make it all clear in the KS page how much you’re planning to do for mod support. I honestly don’t remember any space sim with a mod support at all, add in all those cool things you want to do (mod market, web model previewer) you’ll get lots of pledges.

Our initial campaign video will just cover the game but we plan to release follow up videos throughout the KS with more detailed information regarding things like the team, our tech, modding, etc. Glad to hear you’re excited =D.