Ship upgrades - suggestion thread

I’ve been thinking more about ship upgrades that are hopefully coming later in the year. What are some of the things you would like to see from this? How might earning and equipping modules work? What might the effect on balancing be?

A thought I had:

So, earning new equipment has the potential to be really exciting and rewarding, but I can’t think of any two games that do it in the same way. Thinking about the nature of Battlescape then, I have some thoughts.

  • Picking up new equipment from bots - could be a small minigame even, such as having to pick up a container carefully (a la X4: Foundations).

  • Sliders - as we gain ranks, perhaps existing weapons can be tuned with sliders instead of replaced (e.g. a damage to fire rate slider/ gun convergence slider)

  • Slots being (largely) generic, giving players plenty of choice. If they want to load up on a ton of ammo and no shields, let them.

  • Don’t be afraid of some items being more powerful than others, just make them increase the spawn cost of the ship when equipped. Easy to balance with live testing (increase/reduce cost).

  • Players start each new game with default ships, but keep the mods/tunings mentioned in point 2. So once you find and equip that weapon again, you can immediately apply your preferences that you already earned.

Feel free to disagree with any of this. Or like it. Whatevs. :slight_smile: