Ship class roles and mechanics discussion (pre-alpha)

Fun fact: currently, the carrier cannot hover without overcharging engines.


The corvette should be a general purpose support ship. In combat, a few could advance in front of a wing of bombers or interceptors, or could act as target saturation in a large fleet. It also has a large internal volume so if cargo hold mechanics are ever implemented, it could haul ammo, fuel, spare parts, wreckage, etc. Also, if Battlescape makes larger ships faster in terms of interplanetary travel (a good idea IMO), corvettes could act as long-range scouts.

I think finite fuel and ammo for capital ships (also repairs) would create more engaging gameplay as they would need to be resupplied. Perhaps the individual turrets could be targeted and destroyed by bombers and interceptors, requiring repairs. After all, the twitch nature and manual aiming of small ships needs relevance.