SFC Mercenary Operative Interceptor

My thought was: great… if i knew from the start i would’ve pledged the 75$ tier. Too late now, guess that’s one thing i’ll be missing. I was hoping that, by helping kickstarting this i would get the shiny skins but i guess not :expressionless: Congrats to all the high-tiers tho! :slight_smile: Drumming for a successful kickstarter, but i did hope to get way more funding for this (like in the few millions).

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There’s always the $85 tier if you got the extra $$$ laying around.

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That would mean doubling my pledge. Tho i would love it, my current financial situation prevents me (moving soon, need €). Pledging itself already ment i’m not getting something else. It’s fine tho, i really hope this game gets kickstarted and hope to see it in beta ^^ The skin looks sweet, can’t wait to shoot it.

I get ya, I’d love to increase my pledge as well but I kinda want to be able to pay rent also.

We didn’t even know from the start we would be adding it, but we felt it important based on our current numbers and semi lack of big media attention this week to try something, hopefully people respond well. My preference would have been not to, had we been at a higher state currently, as even this slightly modified ship adds some fair bit of work.


I understand why it happens, and agree with it. I can see the funding levels skimming the line. Lets hope it all works out.

I think it’s a great idea, it doesn’t affect (or shouldn’t by much at least) gameplay since it basically mimics an existing ship. So it’s more of a collectible/rarity that we know people love (just look at dota/cs/tf2 with all their rare/mythical cosmetics), so I’m sure many $55 might up to get their hands on the new ship.

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