Server crash + freeze hotfix + client investigations

As you (may) know the game has been having major stability issues since last patch. I’m currently attempting to figure out what is causing these issues.

Today I uploaded a temptative fix for the server crash / freeze. Hopefully it’ll be more stable from now on ( however the hotfix contains new debug / checks which might affect performance a bit, so the server might have more occasional lags / hit registration issues than usual, but overall it should still be fully playable ).

Clients also suffer from stabiltiy issues. The bugs I found were purely on the server side, so it’s still unknown at this stage why the client is crashing. I also uploaded a test version that contains additional checks / information.

Get it here: [ removed, see post below ]

To be unpacked in the binary folder ( make sure to backup the old .exe first ) ( default: C:\Program Files\I-Novae Studios\Battlescape\Bin ). Then run the game through the launcher as usual.

If it still crashes ( it should ), make sure you send me the log + dump files from C:\Users\XXX\Documents\I-Novae Studios\Infinity Battlescape\Logs

Thank you :wink:


The server fix / freeze seems to work - at this point I’m 99% sure I caught the right bug.

I also have good news for the client side crashes: I found the most likely cause. Here’s a new hotfix that should address the crashes. Please test it and let me know if you still get crashes ( and if you do, please send the log / dumps as usual ):