Self introduction - Hello from Zurich

Hi there my name is Frank Willfeld - I am located in Zurich Switzerland - born in Germany - grew up in USA Virginia - moved to Switzerland eight years ago to work for Lufthansa Systems paperless Cockpit Project - I now work as Flight Instructor for A320 - My Interests are Aviqation and Space as well as Motor Racing - I am a big fan of all the great Simulations out there dealing with my intersets and I am very excited about Infinity Battlescapee - I am an off and on writer for a german Flightsimulation Magazine - I pedged Astroid and Planetary thought we would get an Alpha in Oct… probably didnt look properly - If anyone knows when I will be able to try - However what I saw so far looks great - keep up the work work.

all the best


if somene is in the Area and would like to visit we are in Zurich Airport Operation Center 1 - we also offer rides in the Training Sim:

best Frank


Welcome to the club, frank!
It looks like the developers are working extra hard right now to catch back up with where they wanted to be.

Hopefully we’ll hear some news on some sort of revised timetable at the end of this month, but that’s pure speculation on my part.

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Thanks for that.

A timetable would indeed be great.


The alpha is certainly delayed for reasons outlined in their kickstarter/forum updates. However, if you are keen to jump in earlier and provide a bit extra funding they will have a pledge upgrade system online soon.

Great to have an expert flight instructor on board :smiley: Your opinions will certainly be welcome in the current HUD feedback thread.


Welcome and hope to see you soon in Battlescape - it’s awesome!

passed through Switzerland a long time ago - very fond memories. :aerial_tramway:


Hallo und herzlich Willkommen im Forum Frank :smiley:

As was already mentioned, the release of the Alpha has been delayed, but generally speaking, the devs are eager to answer questions that come up, especially if those questions come up in the weekly update posts :wink:


Hallo and welcome.
Im living close to Zurich and if your intrested i can come over and take battlescape with me. Greetings from Bern :wink:


So geil
Das waer mega wann das choenntsch mache

Mini privati email isch
Oder skype: Sportpilot


Gitz mol a LAN? :wink:


Welcome and hopefully you’ll visit the forums rather often. :slight_smile: