Scoria Inc. --- C.P.L. Tech --- Havoc Excavations

The Three Corporations

What feelings do these names and logos invoke on you? What kind of values do you think these corporations hold?

Which one of the three would you play if you had to make the decision based only on their name and logo?

And what would you hope to see from the potential Cent… I mean Astralis factions if we reach 2,5 mil?

CPL feels has a weapons manufacturer / R&D vibe to me, I could see that logo plastered on weapons crates.

Havoc Excavation sounds like a major player in resource mining and equipment.

Scoria (in my mind only) feels like a engines / space craft parts producer.


Havoc, definitely. Who wouldn’t like a name like Havoc? The saw just adds to the appeal. And the fact that it’s a mining company makes me think of rugged mining ships accompanied by cut-throat mercenaries recruited from dark pubs in pirate space stations, a company that cares only about breaking down entire planets for minerals and a commander that is more of a slave driver, a man that will let nothing stand in the way of their quotas. Plus, it reminds me of the old Havok physics engine. Had some nice games with that engine.

If not Havoc, then Scoria. The name reminds me of a mix of “Score!” (who doesn’t like scoring) and Scotia (who doesn’t like Scotland?) and the logo looks a bit like something belonging to something high tech. And it looks like a star. I imagine a small but innovative corporation, using self-improved souped up tech and young but intelligent officers to overcome the other Corps’ advantage of numbers and money. Space cowboys outsmarting their opponents while looking cool.

C.P.L. is third in my preference, because it sounds too impersonal. Even the logo is just stylized letters that we don’t know what they stand for. Chapman-Pierce-Levi? Communist Protection Libraries? Cool Pirate Lemmings? I imagine a gigantic company extending over most of known space, with hands on every pie. An organization that is so large no man can grasp all its activities, a company so large that two of its departments might end up going to war with each other without even realising they’re part of the same company. A man in a far away cubicle imputing a planetary number in a spreadsheet as a potential mining target without knowing or caring what is going on there, his action sending an army of faceless workers and corporate security guards to the system, led by a bureaucrat that doesn’t understand much about what’s going on and doesn’t care about anything other than getting rid of his superior and getting his position in the company.

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Well I’m all for SCORIA INC. :smiley: I keep telling people “It’s all about the hexagons but specifically in that orientation!”. Anything else is just sacrilege!

For me, SCORIA INC. sounds odd but the hexagon just equals futuristic, and I like futuristic! Most futuristic things tend to incorporate hexagons to some capacity or at least from my experience.

C.P.L. TECH, something related to heavy industry but the logo just reminds me of ESPN…

HAVOC EXCAVATIONS sounds somewhat worrying. I think I like my excavations calm and controlled but there you go. I like the logo. Really hits home that they’re all about cutting and maybe lazerzz.

Assuming that each faction will have some ideology behind them makes me wonder if there’ll be some bias which could generate imbalances in matches. I am basing this solely on my experience with Planetside 2 though…

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That’s it - Scoria Inc for me.

Points for Havoc Excavations for the awesome logo as well.

I’m curious, how much lore is there about each corp? I’d like if there was just enough to give a vibe, and let the imagination like the dots and fill the blanks…

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I will also choose Scoria for the simple reason that it reminds me most of the SFC logo suggestion in the old forums that I liked most :smile:

Scoria seems like the “good guys”. At least they are the ones viciously attacked in the KS vid. I’ll put my money on Havoc being the aggressor!

C.P.L. Tech? I dunno… seems like a somewhat ‘outdated’ dinosaur (maybe a family dynasty) that just refuses to die. But for some reason they seem the most “stable” and established to me. Perhaps they are the oldest and biggest of the three and the other two are the newer, more energetic (but ruthless) challengers.

I think Havoc Excavations is dead on for mining in both logo and name. Looks and sounds like a low-risk, low-reward sort of corporation that offers steady, long-term investments with growth focused more on acquisitions and defense than siege.

I don’t dislike Scoria Inc., but I don’t particularly feel anything towards it either. I think the logo is trying to do too much all at once, and the name doesn’t give off any particular vibes.

C.P.L. Tech, by name, implies an R&D oriented company. The logo feels dated to me, though. More like something from the 1980s than the 2080s+.

All said, I would probably be drawn towards Havoc most, even though all of the implications I get from the name and logo are opposite of my usual decision style. High-risk, high-rewards, high-fun!

Scoria logo makes me think it has a strong ideological bent

C.P.L reminds me of OCP (Corporation in Robocop)

Havoc is very industrial looking

These logos/corp names don’t have to be final, we can tweak during development.

If Astralis will replace one of the corporations, which one will it be?
And why not just add it as a 4th choice?

Astralis isn’t replacing a corporation it’s a name replacement for the Centauran Faction.

Thanks for the explanation. Is there a particular reason for the change?
Generic name to something more interesting? If so, I like it!

If this means Deltan Federation is also getting renamed… Why was Star Fold kept the way it is?

Edit: More on topic - I think I agree with LucasFIN, I think Scoria is the coolest because their logo reminds me of the good old SFC logo.

C.P.L. Tech makes me think of some giant corrupt conglomerate for some reason.
The logo style screams EVIL at me. Or at least, Bureaucratic Hell.

Havoc Excavations sounds like a “brutal” “metal” mining corp. Don’t take them for a peaceful mining group.
They’ll tear you to shreds! (Logo looks like a Shuriken)

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To my knowledge Deltan and StarFold are staying as is. There were some internal reasons for the change, and I think Astralis is a badass substitute that works and to me encompasses the esthetic of that faction.

To me Deltan is quite a generic name and could do with a change too. I’m glad they are keeping Star Fold though and I’m liking Astralis too.

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Starfold is, I still want to change Deltan. But considering they will not make an appearance in Battlescape, we don’t have to decide that just yet.

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Deltan is very, very generic, so it would be nice to have a name change there. I’m looking forward to that.

Aside from the word ‘Tech’ being right there in its name, C.P.L Tech actually reminds me of a logistics company. Or like there are multiple CPL branches. It feels truly faceless.

Exactly the kind of company that would start a war to muscle in on a new territory or market sector.

Scoria looks like it makes nice cars. Or possibly has just wiped out the Jedi.


That’s all fine. Just, just don’t take away or change my hexagon too much pls :cry: